India 2015

Publié le 12 Octobre 2015

India 2015

Hi all, this blog will revert to a travelog for a few days, as I'm off to Pilani, Rajasthan with my school, for a ten-day stay there and thereabouts. After the failure (seems a strong word, but well, that's what it really was...) of our attempt last year to establish a link with an institution in Jaipur, we're trying again this time with BK BIET, Pilani: hopefully this time we'll succeed in establishing a partnership which we would like to create between our French Institute of Engineering and an Indian college!

The pretext for this trip is BK BIET's Conference on Communications systems, held there on 18th-20th October, but it isn't just a pretext, because I'm going along with a professor of Mathematics who will look into the scientific side of the feasibility of the project, so we might meet people during the Conference who might play a future role.

6 students are also coming with us, all from our Mathematical Engineering department, and even if this number is relatively small, we're hoping they are going to be very helpful in bringing back to France their opinion of possible studies there for future Indian students, and of course they will be the best suited to describe their own studies at INSA !

Naturally a programme of activities has been set up, we're first going to discover the Institute, the students will follow some classes, and so understand how studies are carried out in India, then we have the three days of the International Conference, and finally BK BIET has devised an exciting 3 day tour of the region, for even if all this won't be very new for me, I hope that new lovers of India will return home to talk about it and encourage many others!

So keep tuned for news which of course will be more directed to family and friends, (and in French!) but which you're free to enjoy just as much as cinema and literature!

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This is an institute that was one of the forerunners of technical education in private sector. Even in our times it was one of the most reputed ones in India, ranking just below the famed IITs, and a few of the Government REC (Regional Engg Colleges- now called NIT-s).<br /> <br /> Best of luck with the effort. Let there be ideas flowing back and forth through the associations. These helps in over all growth of the technology and doesn't stymie the growth. You would see and might have, that the pattern of teaching or the study differs between here and there. That is natural. When the exchange takes place and the partnership happens, when the two think differently, different aspects of the problems come out and resolved. Which obviously is much more preferable than al thinking the same way and attacking the problem from same side. <br /> <br /> BTW - what is this Mathematical Engg? That is a new terminology I am coming across. I have heard all types of engineering, including statistical, except mathematical. May be I am unable to associate the concept since the Maths we always treat as pure sciences (and hence abstract) whereas the Engg is applied science.<br /> <br /> I don't know what went wrong last time, since these associations are quite encouraged across. Last time , a few months back, I visited one of the IITs, I could see quite a few associations (research exchange) going on with a number of Australian and US universities. May be even more, since the one I came across were in my area of interest.
Thanks Sbasu for the good words and your time in writing. I too hope that our partnership will turn out all right!<br /> Mathematical Eng deals with several fields of Maths and CS which come together in what you might call applied mathematics. Contrary to purely research-oriented maths, these fields of study enable students to be employed in such industries as banking, statistical depertments of various institutions, web development, and many other areas which I don't know much about, in fact. <br /> Regards, yves