My two interventions

Publié le 19 Octobre 2015

My two interventions
My two interventions

I knew before coming to Pilani that I would have to deliver an address in the context of the Conference on Communications Systems, but of course it couldn't be a scientific paper, so I had devised a subject called "the pleasure of communication", which took place two days ago at 16:00 in front of a group of students who had been asked to come and listen to me on this topic... (don't forget they are normally on a kind of holiday from classes). So I wasn't expecting a lot of attendees because of this! In fact a rather large group turned up, and in spite of the noise of the overhead ventilators which I couldn't get people to switch off, I think everybody enjoyed the talk, whhich I tried to make as pleasurable as possible. I was satisfied that some students at the end came to  express (sincerely, it seemed) their interest in what they had heard. For them, it must have seemed strange to listen to a French language teacher speak to them about communication techniques, the sharing of values that take place in communication, and the importance of humour. Anyway, it seemed they liked it!

I don't have personal photos about this event, perhaps if I'm sent some, then I'll illustrate the event later.

The second intervention (and here I'm realizing this post has been started in English, sorry, it's a bit late to switch back into French!) took place this morning, Alongside with another invitee, Dr Pal from DIAT, Pune, I was supposed to "chair" the inauguration of the "Poster presentation" in one of the buildings, and as such, I was asked to cut the ribbon and let people enter the room where stands were arranged. On the stands, students of various levels had laid their posters summarizing their work. It was of course often quite difficult to follow the rapid technical explanations, but well, after a while, I thought of some questions to ask from the perspective of the students' involvement, what this research meant for their overall studies, how long it had taken them, and the like. Then with Dr Pal, we were requested to hand out the students' certificates of achievements, and that was it. Around an hour and a half.

Here are some pictures of the proud students!

My two interventions
My two interventions
My two interventions

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Très bien, les photos! (même si j'attends toujours de te voir dans tes oeuvres, et à table!).
Merci pour les posts: ça permet vraiment de partager un peu de ton expérience.