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Publié le 26 Juin 2018

Below you'll find a number of the folders in which I have collected pictures of Nutan over the years. Most of them have been found on the net, but if some readers consider their posting an offense to their rights, please contact me so I can remove them. In my effort to collect these photos and documents, I have especially had the support of Seema Patwardhan, among others. So this is an opportunity for me to thank her publicly.

- Nutan and the Samarth family

- Shobhana Samarth and her daughter

- Nutan's family

- Professional and friendly relations

- Drawings and paintings

- Filmfare documents & other magazines

I'm also adding the links towards additional film photos which used to be clickable on the right of the blog page, but the list had begun to become too inflated! So it's now here:






Dilli ka thug

Dulhan ek raat ki



Paying guest

Saraswati chandra




Sone ki chidiya


Tere ghar ke samne

Of course if you want to see the photos which have been selected for my reviews on the films, you'll find them on the pages of these reviews. The list is accessible here.

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Am avid fan of Nutan who I consider the greatest actress of Hindi Cinema. You have done a fantastic job in collecting articles and pictures of Nutan .Loved your fatastic site and photographs which you have loaded . Give us more !
Thanks for the enthusiastic comment! I would definitely try and give you readers more, and I hope to do that, but it'll have to wait a few months after I finish other tasks... So perhaps as from September. All the best to you.
Her birthday is on 4th June not 21st feb
Hi, yes, you're right. I meant her death anniversary.
I wonder where you get such rare stuff about her? It is absolute pleasure to go through your blog. I love all the pictures.
Hello Radhika,<br /> Thanks for the pleasant comment, which encourages me to produce more to increase Nutan's fame... I'll see what I can do for her upcoming birthday (Feb 21st)!
I am a die-hard fan as well. What I feel cannot be described in words, I know you will understand. I really really feel this page is rare and most beautiful. I am waiting for more.
Hi, thanks for the wonderful comment...! To answer you, I'm a die-hard fan of Nutan, and I've been scouring the net for a number of years now. So this is the result. There is one last file with more "portrait" like photos which I still haven't uploaded, it will be for the next birthday I think...