The white tiger, movie

Publié le 28 Mars 2021

Arvind Adiga's story has been turned into a movie, shot by Ramin Bahrani and which has just come out on Netflix. It's an excellent movie, which does full credit to the novel; I really have no negatives about it. The cast is great, led by a glorious Adarsh Gourav, and Rajkumar Rao. Priyanka Chopra isn't that bad either, surprise! In terms of criticism, the only thing I can do is take you back to my comments on the book, because the film so faithfully follows it. The only difference is that we know of the main event right at the beginning, whereas the film doesn't disclose it to the spectators, perhaps to enhance the suspense. But apart from that, it really corresponds to the energy, the fascinating message and the full picture of India's social and political conendrum. Here's the review:

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great, led by a glorious Adarsh Gourav?
La passion, la chaleur, l'amour et un bon film sont réunis...