Welcome to B(H)ollywood! (Ta Ra Pum Pum)

Publié le 20 Juillet 2007

Er… I thought I would have stopped reviewing films like this one ! But Ta Ra Pum Pum by Siddharth Anand is interesting in fact, as a Bollywood phenomenon (are those of you who read me not tired of this treatment of Indian films?!). BUT: before I go any further: all those of you who like Rani Mukherjee RUSH and see it! She’s an absolute darling there, and I think she’s actually rivalling Ash Rai in beauty.


One good moment is when Saif explains to his dog that he’s gonna have to get lost (they’re poor, you see, they can’t keep him any longer), and the dog looks at him so understandingly!


Okay, so now that we’ve dealt with the important things, what’s left? Is the film much more than a feel-good entertainer? The story-line is … predictable, which is …bad. And the children, the character roles are … well, nearly always pathetic. The should-we-lie-to-children issue is not seriously tackled enough, only the dances and the music were fun for me
(and watching Rani, I’m crazy about her, that’s why I watched the film really!!!!)  In fact the film is a total AMERICANIZATION of Bollywood. The ideal one boy one girl family config, the fight for the “right” type of school, the wow home, the success story broken to pieces by unfair dealing, then the slow descent to “Hell” of poverty, and finally the Revenge of the jedi… Somebody in Imdb (here) noticed that there was almost no mention of anything Indian in the film… Well, I don’t really mind about that of course, but it’s probably a sign: a sign if not of abdication, at least a sign of allegiance to a universe where traditional references are no longer indispensable.


And so Ta ra pum pum is by all means “Bhollywood”, an undignified cinema which doesn’t even try to hide what it’s copying, alas. 

But, as they say, “the kids will love it”!

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Rani is my favorite actress---I don't think there's anyone she doesn't have great chemistry with; she's gorgeous and warm and I'd want to be her friend (at least on screen). And Saif is wonderfully charming and handsome and I always enjoy watching him. BUT I found Ta Ra Rum Pum unwatchable. I made it through 45 minutes and then turned it off in disgust. I've never not made it through a Hindi movie (and I've watched almost 1000 of them) but this was just so bland, so boring...it was more like a bad Hollywood movie than a bad Hindi movie.
Hi Greta,You've said it even better than I could have myself!Woaw, 1000 films??? Is that possible? How do you know it's 1000?Thanks for dropping by, let's hear from you soon!cheers,yves
Hi Yves :) I looove Rani, ever since Bunty aur Babli she's been my absolute favourite. She has a different kind of beauty than Ash, to me she seems warmer and more accessible, while Ash can be almost terrifyingly perfect sometimes (as we realised in Umrao Jaan ;) ). Still, I don't think I'll see this movie, I've not seen a single positive review of it so far and luckily there are plenty of other, better films with Rani and/or Saif (whom I also like a lot) to see :)
Hi Maja,Thanks for dropping by! I'm pleased you share my love for Rani, whose voice I forgot to mention as an amazing feature of hers, as well.Hum... you're right, Ash can sometimes be too perfect, that is, looks wise, because as an actress, she's not as versatile I would say. And, true, don't bother to watch Umrao Jaan, it's not really worth it. I've planned to write something on Saif one of these days!cheersyves