Nuts about Nutan!

Publié le 8 Juin 2009

Basant (1960) is a loony movie where what you see is more important than what you understand. There is a story, sort of, (tolerably interesting in the first half but totally zany in the second!) but you must forget about it, because the chief interest of this golden Bollywood of yore is the main actors’ charm, the very pleasant humour (thanks Johnny Walker!), the magic of the sets and of course, the music and dances!  

So after having only said this much, I’m just going to celebrate Nutan’s charms. I’ll leave Memsaab tell you the story, and rave about Shammi Kapoor, whom I find rather stilted and even pompous at times (but hey, I’m nothing but a man), and most of all, who cannot really transcend his scowling and grumpy role. He looks like Elvis all right (and even for us French people, like Eddie Mitchell!), but that doesn’t change things a lot… On the other hand, even I’m biased in favour of Nutan, I find she plays much better, there’s a natural charm, a quick intelligence, an understanding of nuances in her acting which makes her beauty resplendent and engaging. You just want to step into the screen and speak to her!

This time, on the other hand (I’m comparing to Bandini, and even Dilli ka thug) the camera dwells on her much more, as if the cameraman had fallen in love with her, as well he might), and we have numerous free close-ups of her eyes, her mouth, her profile; there’s a shot of her under a veil, when she’s in the bus, and that shot is clearly worked on, because before and after a different lighting occurs. A Leonardo da Vinci sfumato haloes her and softens her features, like the master does with his paintings of virgins and angels.
Here’s a gallery!


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Yves, two of your links point to this same page ( The "Nuts about Nutan" and this current one). Is it intentional? BTW, It's quite hilarious that you use the adjective "loony" for this movie. I have'nt seen it. Is it really crazy? :)
Yes, from what I remember, the film was a total waste of time.
I suppose I directed Basant to this page because there was nothing to say about it apart from its craziness!

I really don't know what to think of her marriage. Of course as in every conflict both parties are somehow responsible.I think she had for sure some very romantic conceptions of being married to
a man in uniform and maybe he had a different notion of what it is to be married to a beautiful actress.

Anyway, Nutan always maintians in her interviews, that she wannted to quit films after marriage and that it was Rajnish who convinced her to take over the role of Kalyani in Bandini.

Yes, and of course there is this other possible attitude of the loving husband insisting that his beloved wife must continue her career, even if she says she is now going to stay at home. But
this doesn't necessarily preclude his misgivings as she spent all that time with other men involved in romancing her on the screen!


But aren't we used to reading between the lines or better said, between the pixels.

Well, for myself, I grew up with rumours of Nutan's marriage being not harmonious. My sister's friend was related to the Chilotris. Nobody spoke about what the reason behind it was. It was just
taken for granted that he was a man of bad temper and generally unsociable.

But anyway it was her personal decision and choice.

Thanks Harvey, Yes, you're right, and one also wonders how they met, what she thought about him, what started the difficulties... I think in a couple it's always a mutual thing: I wouldn't say
Nutan wass 100% the victim, which doesn't go as far as to suggest she was actually responsible, but certainly her career was something which she valued very much, which she worked for a great
deal. So if a more traditional husband had pains believing in his marriage with this very exposed and beautiful wife, I could understand it. What do you think?


maybe you will like this foto

I find it somehow symbolic of Nutan-Rajnish marriage. But I maybe mistaken!

Hello Harvey,

Yes I knew about this rather intriguing photo ( which one could look upon as showing a certain difficulty
in Nutan's relationship with her husband... But of course it's only a photo, and we know better than do say things about people's lives on the basis of photos. Still, you're right, symbolic,
perhaps. But in fact, what does one know about Nutan's marriage situation? Are there people somewhere that express themselves on the subject? I haven't found any, as far as I'm concerned - it
seems a well guarded secret!