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Publié le 5 Mai 2007

Hi everyone,
 This is a little quiz, which doesn't have a direct relationship with Bollywood, but with Hindi! Do you know what this text reads, and where it can be seen?



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maajhi 01/09/2007 17:48

It looks like the Gujarati translation of the English prayer "Our Father who art in Heaven". First three lines go:O Our Lord Thou Art in heaven,Your name is holy,May your kingdom comeOn earth as it is in heaven..

yves 02/09/2007 15:44

Yes, that's right, if you go to the article "answer to the quiz", you'll find confirmation for that! Do Indians know this prayer well?

Beth 06/05/2007 03:03

Is it in Hindi or Gujarati? I've been studying Hindi for a few months and could maybe stumble my way through transliterating, although I can't promise to know many of the words. I'm sure you'll get better offers!

yves 06/05/2007 18:40

Hi Beth,
Yes indeed it's gujarati, not hindi. My mistake.