A little quiz

Publié le 5 Mai 2007

Hi everyone,
 This is a little quiz, which doesn't have a direct relationship with Bollywood, but with Hindi! Do you know what this text reads, and where it can be seen?



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It looks like the Gujarati translation of the English prayer "Our Father who art in Heaven". First three lines go:O Our Lord Thou Art in heaven,Your name is holy,May your kingdom comeOn earth as it is in heaven..
Yes, that's right, if you go to the article "answer to the quiz", you'll find confirmation for that! Do Indians know this prayer well?
Is it in Hindi or Gujarati? I've been studying Hindi for a few months and could maybe stumble my way through transliterating, although I can't promise to know many of the words. I'm sure you'll get better offers!
Hi Beth,<br /> Yes indeed it's gujarati, not hindi. My mistake.