Nutan's birthday (she'd be an old lady now!)

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Hallo all Nutan lovers (Harvey and Bollywooddeewana, especially!)

I have been reminded by the above Nutan afficionadoes (like tornadoes?!) that aaj yeh Nutan ki janmadin hai (check Harvey's correction of my hindi in the messages section!!), so I thought: what can Letstalkaboutbollywood do to follow suit? Well, I have a number of photos from films which I haven't put on the site because of various reasons, and I thought you would like to see them! Although since this article was published, many of them have been posted...

So here's my contribution to her greatness, loveliness and everlastingness:

Sone ki chidiya

Dil hi to hai

BaarishAakhari daoHeer

Heer 3HumlogShababChand phir nikla 1ShikwaahTere ghar ke samneBaarish 1

With Mohnish


I don't know where I got this last one, but my caption says "deathbed" - well, why not after all? 

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Yves, I am responding to your other message - "I don't know what today's actresses aspire to be". Well, they aspire to have a lot ( and I mean a looooottttttt) of money and fame. Apart from this they really don't know what they want. Partly not their fault. They mostly get stupid scripts with just loads of explicit sex and violence. But they don't care as long as there's money and fame. And the current generation (audience) laps up sex and violence like there's no tomorrow. So, there we go.....I have stopped watching bollywood movies since 1997.
Thanks for the compliments, they're always nice to receive! And I'm also pleased that you appreciate the photos, they're there for that! Your adjective dignified rings true. I may sound rather conventional, but I find that this dignity was a virtue which perhaps isn't so common today, at least in the public sphere. What was special about Nutan was that she retained her dignity even under the exposure she was confronted with. She wasn't alone achieving this, of course, but the pressure for a fine young woman to do so is perhaps harder.
Well, we can be optimistic. That's the best we can do. But I really don't know what "education" means in today's world. In the 50s and 60s we had fewer people with formal education but churned out great movies. Now we have lots of formal education and computer technology to help, but poor movies.

(There is a movie every now and then which is worth watching. I liked Taare Zameen par, Chak De India, Swadesh to name a few).

BTW, I realised I had'nt complimented you for this page. Very good pics of Nutan. I particularly like her in the pic with her son (in some uniform). She's so dignified and beautiful.
Well, perhaps this sorry state of affairs is only transitory? I think the public needs a period of maturation. Perhaps after a period of cheap and artificial productions, they will want more elaborate films? I believe this is also a question of education. Perhaps the new, better educated, generations will simply disregard the productions which aren't worth it. I realize I'm trying to be optimistic...
Very sadly, "Yes". Southern films are no exception. Its just a complete fall. The directors are hopeless, the actors, the musicians, the lyricists... just everybody. Here we are remembering Nutan's super songs which are 66 years old and in today's movies, you forget the songs the moment you come out of the cinema hall.

I am actually very sad to have missed Nutan's golden years (I was born in 1975). And we had no internet till 1995. I think right about 1980 the standard of movies started falling..
Hmm, so sad. I myself have also decided not to continue my explorations of recent B'wood movies. Does this evolution affect also Southern films?

Ah! J'adore Nutan! Elle est tres belle mais aussi une bonne actrice! J'aimait (c'est correct?) elle a Tere ghar ke saamne :D

Hi Neha! Congrats on your efforts with the French!! Are you learning it? It's all good except for the verb: "je l'ai aimée dans TGKS" or you could say "Je l'ai beaucoup aimée dans TGKS"!

I too am enraptured by Nutan (you probably know that if you come to this blog!) - she's .... she's... well, she's.... what today's actresses should aspire to!! (I don't know what today's
actresses aspire to).



What a nice way to celebrate her birthday, Yves, and what a lovely, lovely collection of photographs! I loved the third one - where she's pouting. She looks incredibly cute.

The last one looks like it was taken at her funeral.

Thanks Anu, it's very kind of you to say that. Yes, I know the last one is rather surprizing, but I just wanted people's opinion on it. I had it in my files, but strangely I cannot find it again
on the Internet. I wonder if the site where I must have found it has shut down?


While learning a new language some people like to be corrected, others feel discouraged by it. I hoped you belong to the former group! Glad to know that I wasn't wrong.

You certainly weren't! Thanks for the encouragement!


I hope you don't mind if I correct you.

You have written: aaj yeh Nutan ki janamdin hai. This makes it sound like: Today is this Nutan's birthday. That is why we don't need the word 'yeh' (yeh = this) and janamdin is masculine (days
are masculine in Hindi, are they female in French?) that is why Nutan ka janamdin.

So the right line would be 'aaj Nutan ka janamdin hai'

I appreciate the fact that you tried to write a sentence in Hindi, a language that is foreign to you.


No, I don't mind at all Harvey, thanks a lot for correcting! I'm learning Hindi little by little, and I appreciate corrections, because they right the pieces of this giant puzzle! In French, it's
the same, the nouns have a gender which foreigners spend a long time trying to remember (for example a table is feminine, whereas in German it's masculine), but the little "of" word (ka or ki, or
ke) doesn't change, hence my mistake I suppose.

So just for the hindi purists, I'll indicate my mistake and its corrections in the body of the message!


A surprising post on the birthday of our favourite actress!
I was wondering from where you got the last pic, but you say, you don't know its origin. maybe it is really from her funeral!

Thank you Yves for this whole range of hidden treasure trove of pics!

Yes, as you noticed, I went to your blog, and seeing that great post on Nutan duets, I told myself that you were right to celebrate. Then I was attracted to BD's post as well, and this was the
clincher: I told myself I had to join the chorus!

And that picture of Nutan's deathbed is a mystery, because I can't find it on Google's image search...


Thank you for these, Yves! I liked nearly all of them a lot (except, perhaps, that last one...), but the third one - Nutan making a face - was especially cute.

Thanks Madhu, and you give me an idea, next time I could try and collect all the "funny" pictures of Nutan can think of; when given a chance, she was quite a clown, and has a very expressive