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Publié le 14 Avril 2012

Hi! Last thursday my wife Frederique asked me to introduce Bollywood to her final year students, and since it was fun and also since I was not able to show the last two slides, here they all are, with the links to the two extracts! Enjoy! Bole Chudiyan...

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Publié le 6 Juin 2007

This hasn’t got much to do with Indian culture, but… I don’t know whether many of you were really interested about the “little quiz” which I had posted at the beginning of May. Well, anyway here’s the answer; the text in Gujarati was from the Pater Noster...

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Publié le 5 Mai 2007

Hi everyone, This is a little quiz, which doesn't have a direct relationship with Bollywood, but with Hindi! Do you know what this text reads, and where it can be seen?

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