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Hello, well, it seems that only Nutan ki janmadin can rouse me from my silence these days! Sorry to say, but there's just too much OTHER stuff to do, sigh!

Anyway, I had been collecting these for the day, so even if you know most of them (true lovers of Nutan that you are all, I know ), here are all the posters of Nutan films that I had been able to lay my hands on! And if you have knowledge of any more, please let me know!

I have not included other posters, such as those that have appeared on Filmfare covers, or other supports such as VHS or DVD covers (but perhaps I've been misled, and you can tell me).

The films are in alphabetical order; if you want the chronological order, check here:

          Anari      Anuraag

                    Baarish (1957)  Baarish 2



chhabiliDevi    Devi 1  Devi 1960 film poster (bad character)Devi 2  Dil hi to hai  Dil hi to hai 1      Dil ne phir yaad kiya                  Gauri

       Gauri 1     Hamara beti-1950

Kabhi andhera kabhi ujala  Karma-2.jpg               Karma 1

                       Khandaan 1965  Khandan

           Laat Saab           Laila Majnu

  Laila Majnu 1  Laila majnu 2  Main Tulsi Tere Aangan Ki

Manzil  Manzil 2 Manzil 3


                 Milan    Milan 1967

                  Naam         Paying Guest

             Saraswati Chandra   Saudagar

         Seema      Shabab - Copie

                                 Sone ki chidiya      Sone ki chidiya 1


       Tere ghar ke saamne    Tere ghar ke samne 1

          Yaadgar  Yaadgar 1

So there you are, enjoy yourself, and celebrate the Lady on her Birthday!

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dustedoff 05/06/2013

Oh, you actually saw my book, Yves! That's exciting. :-) (Even though it's been on sale for several years now, I've never come across anybody who said they saw the French translation).

dustedoff 06/06/2013

I am able to follow - to some extent - what my publishers are doing with my English-edition books (especially regarding their sales in India), but it's a little more difficult when it comes to
the French edition... and yes, I did have a bit of a say in the translation (in fact, there was a minor fiasco because the person coordinating from the publisher didn't read my mail with the
final manuscript, and gave a draft version to the translator! I discovered the error only after the draft had been completely translated. It had to be redone. All the reviews I've read of Le
Camee Anglais have been good, so at least I know my translator is very good).

pacifist 15/06/2013

Lovely collection Yves. Hand painted/drawn posters have gone out. A poster of one of her later films Karma, though she's not on it.

pacifist 24/06/2013


Well, here's one (or two) film Karma posters with Nutan on it.

pacifist 24/06/2013

And another one.