Is 34 the age of wisdom?

Publié le 1 Novembre 2007

I was wondering whether I should « do » something for Ash’s birthday… Well, as you can see, I am, in spite of misgivings coming from … various parts.

Looking for something to say, I have watched some videos again, and… there! I thought that if you didn’t know it, you would be pleased to watch her interview with Simi Garewal. It’s not very recent, but it’s very good.


Okay, my main misgiving came from the fear that I would appear too partial, too silly in my interest for Aishwarya Rai. Well look, watching this interview again more than half reconciled me with myself. Even though she’s self-conscious in front of Simi, even though the interviews are probably very prepared, even though she’s calculating her effects, surprise: she emerges as very pleasantly down to earth, at ease, strikingly moving and funny. She has a feminine intelligence, an honesty, a gentleness, a restraint… which I find simply endearing, yes, even remarkable. You watch, and tell me for yourself (there are 6 parts, sorry!) (1)









 Simi-Garewal-copie-1.png Ash-interviewed.png(1) And it does pay to watch the whole lot! 


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Hey there...just came by your blog and thought would share this information for you. I just came across a great website for bollywood movies and Indian art films - you can get 3 films free at They are showing the online premiere of the award winning controversial film AMU with Konkana Sensharma I've seen it - it's good!Great job on the blog!
Hi Iram, thanks for dropping by! I know Jaman, a wonderful initiative, I've rented a number of their films, and I ike the spirit of the people there. But thanks anyway! I'll look into this title you're suggesting. Cheers, yves