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As unofficially self-proclaimed supporter and glorifier of Nutan, I am proud to admit within the very close circle of Nutan worshippers Sharmi, whose site is devoted to pastime movies, and especially contains some wonderful praise of Nutan Behl. She has agreed to my quoting what she writes in several passages of her wonderful blog, as it so exactly matches my own admiration of the actress. Here are the extracts where she speaks about her:

On Sujata:

“Nutan's just inexplicable! She's in plain cotton sarees in the entire film, wears no makeup barring a bindi and kohl, and still looks picture-perfect. Her poise is infectious! Her eyes mirror her heart. When she is sad, her tears choke you, when she is happy, her soft smile adds magic to her mirthful eyes!!!”

On Seema:

“…back to Nutan. She is mesmerising. Minimal makeup, rag tag clothes notwithstanding, Nutan is bliss for the senses. When she is mellow she is beautiful and dainty, when she is fiesty, she appears like a Goddess, with her hair all unkempt, her eyes on fire and mouth spewing a barrage of powerful lines. She is a ravishing sight, replete with a fabulously hard-hitting performance. If morning shows the day, Seema is only a trailor of what moviebuffs would be enjoying in the years to come, from this gorgeous cracker of an actor...”

On Anari:

“It's no secret that I am forever mesmerised by this actor but in this film she is simply terrific. The deftness with which she balances joy, mischievousness and melancholy, is inexplicable. There is a scene where Rajkumar comes to meet Arti in her bungalow...he is dumbstruck when she appears before him. I am speechless, too. She is almost like a vision. Her expressive eyes light up at his appreciation, her face is like a flawless painting. Her curly locks envelop her fair temples and she is breathtakingly attractive. And, when she flashes those pearly whites, no poet can stop penning love couplets...

Nutan, I feel epitomised ethereal beauty. Her face was so malleable to emotions, nothing looked forced. And, it's not that she was taking refuge in makeup. With minimum greasepaint, simple attires to highlight her lissom frame, here was one woman whose beauty was beyond words...

And so was her acting. In fact, in Anari Mukherjee makes Nutan do comedy. And boy, does she make you laugh. Her antics are innocently funny. She prances about in the comic sequences with utmost dexterity. In the romantic scenes she is sufficiently tender, and in the sad parts her melancholy makes your heart ache. Such was her repertoire...”

On Tere ghar ke samne:

“As for Nutan, she is a delight! If she played the melancholic prisoner in Bandini, here she is chirpy and spontaneous. She looks demure and classy in her well tailored clothes and very stylish with her hair tied in a chic French roll. Her eyes light up with every smile. »

So thanks Sharmi, it’s very unusual to read such precise praise about actresses who are no longer in the limelights.


While I’m at it, here are the useful websites I found about the lady:

- Wikipedia

- Imdb.com

- filmimpressions

- Upperstall

- Rediff.com

- Santabanta

And here’s a selection of photos from Anari.

Basically, they’re mini acting biographies. As expected, there aren’t many clues in these descriptions to inform us about the real life that Nutan led. What were the events that shaped her early life, what were her values, what did she believe in, etc? If one leaves aside the information concerning her actress’s career, what I managed to find is that her parents divorced when she was very young, that she was disregarded as unconventional, even ugly because lank and gangly in an age when petite and round was the norm. Somebody says that she suffered from complexes as a result.

But she was lucky that her mother Shobhana Samarth decided to start a career in the movies for her. Biographers say that contrary to her serene cinematographic image, she was rather a troublemaker, and ahead of her times (for example she wore a swimsuit in Dilli ka thug…!). Her marriage (and distance - Kajol-like – from the sets in order to raise her boy) in the middle of her career proved wrong the saying according to which married actresses do not succeed. after their wedding. BTW, Kajol was probably more the imitator, since Nutan is her aunt) So I wonder, was it because she was too unruly that she was sent to that “Finishing school” in Switzerland after having shot Hamara beti (1950 – she was then 14)?


All comments tell about her marriage in 1959 to Naval Lieutenant Commander Rajneesh Behl (above), but none of them indicate what sort of man he was, where they met, etc. Likewise, the birth of her son Mohnish led to her small stint away from the cameras, but little is said of her relationship with this son.

Something strange is what commentators mention, concerning a feud which pitted her in courts against her mother concerning some misappropriation of funds accruing to her. This conflict lasted 20 years, I read! Her father, though, is practically never mentioned. And finally, towards the end of her life (due to cancer in 1991), she busied herself with the furthering of her son’s career, her dairy farm, some bhajan singing and recording, collecting “rare artefacts” (which ones?), and being involved in some spirituality, whatever the source (Upperstall) meant by that.

There has been a book written about her, “Nutan - Asen Mi Nasen Mi” written by marathi author Lalita Tamhane (and in marathi! see here and  here - Thanks Harvey!!). So, all in all, we are left with very little non-professional facts about her… And we have to watch her movies again in order to gather whatever emotions and intimacy we can get there, with the inevitable risk of not being able to distinguish between what comes from the characters played by the actress, and what reveals the person behind.


PS: I have to add the link to Bollywooddeewana's article on the occasion of Nutan's birthday. It contains a very interesting collection of facts and series of interviews from Nutan's family. Thanks BWdeewana!

For those who can read portuguese, there's also Carol's blog (in Brasilian, but it's fitted with a Google translator!) who has spent a whole "semana" talking about Nutan last July! She didn't even tell me! But she's another lover of oldies, and I am very peased to admit her in the open-minded circle of Nutan crackpots!

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Yves, have you seen Karma and Meri jung yet? They were runaway hits in the mid 80s. Both had a stellar cast and Nutan was not the lead (as is to be expected since she was around 50 years when these released). But in Karma she was paired opposite Dilip Kumar for the first time in her career. In Meri jung she got the best supporting actress award (obviously well-deserved). The younger generation had taken over by this time.
You won't regret not seeing them. They are OK at best. I asked more out of curiosity. I watched them when I was around 10 years old and did'nt know Nutan's greatness yet. If I had known and realised she was doing a supporting role in an "ok ok " movie, I would'nt have bothered :)
OK, thanks a lot for your detailed answer. Probably the reason why I hadn't watched these films is indeed as you explain, because their quality hadn't been put forward by critics or fans....
If you want to watch it for Nutan, then you will be a little disappointed. Personally I liked Meri jung more. Karma is more of a war against "enemies of the country". So there's a lot of emphasis on Patriotism etc. Meri Jung is a story of a woman (Nutan) and her lawyer son. Meri jung was her last award ( so sad really).

Btw, I warn you. Don't expect great direction, music etc (like we had in the 50s and 60s). It is in sync (same level) as you will expect from a 1980s movie.
Hi Srikanth,
No, I must admit I haven't seen these two movies. Which one would you recommend, if I had to watch one?
The best movie karma & meri jung
This comes rather as a surprise, because many people say that Nutan's last movies were not as successful as her first ones. I haven't seen Karma and Meri Jung. So thanks for the comment and visit.
I miss nutan
One of the best of Nutan's role played was in the movie Bandini. Loved to see her expressions in each of the scenes.
You're very right, I think it's also my preferred movie with her! Thanks for the comment. Have you visited the page on Bandini? (http://www.letstalkaboutbollywood.com/article-31578257.html)
Nutan had any Hyderabad connection I wasn't aware and most probably she didn't have (except acting in a Telugu Language movie - Chilika Gorinka- that too she wasn't heroine- what role she was I don't know since It is in my Gap movies. Since the other two were superstars of regional language- probably suprstar of Bollywood (she was in 1965) might have been the second lead - or may be one like in Raja Kapoor Chalia (gender reversed?- the sacrificing protagonist) Who knows. The title though shows a sweet love story (The word means the pair of singing birds - In Indian language we say Tota= Parrot, and the feminine Maina - that is the exact translation of that telugu into Hindi and then English). It is one of the 23 missing in my collection- three regional language and one TV Series included - which likely to remain now there until Mohnish helps :-)
The childhood friendship I think I have seen in Memsab story first and then later also, difficult to recollect. Both were from strong movie families. One patriarchal (Kapoors) the other Matriarchal (Samarths- Nutan was the 3rd Gen Bollywood heroine - Grandmother Rattan Bai- of course a few movies in early talkie days - not seen, only heard. Then mother Sobhana , followed by our Nutan and Tanuja. There was another interesting observation somewhere- Till the Karishma/ Kareena, all the stars and superstars in Kapoor were male (imports through marriage- Neetu, Babita, Geeta bali excepted) And all the stars in Samarth Family were feminine (Rattan, Sobhana, Nutan, Tanuja up to some extent, Kajol). Mohnish unfortunately couldn't make the mark. He had the capability, but may be the mother's shadow? People expected too much? His features also weren't exactly classical hero material- neither chocolate, nor steel. His mother overcame that due to her extraordinarily talking face. But that is rarest of rare. I haven't seen anyone else changing the scenes quickly with a twitch of facial muscle. I don't know you have seen Dil Hi to Hai (not in your list) where in the famous song "Tum agar mujhko.."- "If you don't love me, it's not an issue, but if you fall in love with another, it would be tragic" - You could see her face changing in the whole song with his words.. from the starting almost nearest to a hanging whipped dog look (when she realised that the person she thought was stalking her and eve-teasing was really not so and was her idol, whom she had just insulted in public) to the relief and joy when she realised despite it, he didn't mind and was already attracted to her- love in first sight for him. That dog look, looking at the master guiltily and confused, is a classic one, and there she looks perfectly plain, girl next door, till she smiles relieved.
Kapoors and Samarths could have been neighbours? I don't remember that how did they land up together. But there was definitely no romance, with her, not even a whiff, since he fell head over heals with Geeta Bali, and married despite stiff opposition (She was the first actress daughter in law of the family and Prithviraj was against it).
Interestingly of the family, Nutan didn't have any movie with Shashi.
My guess was right- the swiss-miss did her first (post swiss) movie as Seema. At least as per rediff article on her.
As per the indutry-underworld connection is- it is a well known fact in Bombay (or Mumbai). They extort money from producers, stars etc, they finance movies through dummy producers (to convert ill gotten wealth into white currency), some times the movies (if they perchance become hit) re-finance their operations.. they sponsor the actors. For example Mandakini, of Ram Teri Ganga maili, was supposedly one, along with quite a few others, Not very infrequently we see news of some actress, not the top one, the 'B' Grade movies, being arrested with her boy-friend- who is a known underworld / underworld linked person. And then quite a few, reportedly maintain the links more proactively, by keeping them on their payroll. The exact links are as you know known but not known. No one, including the Law enforcing might really dare to open the can of worms. So the nice guys just try to avoid.
Anyway now that you might not be 'fined' for the posts (till you get your next bill), my conscience is clear.
OK thanks for this info!
Yes, I am a Frenchman all right, even though I write in English!! I'm surprised to see you write this, Sbasu.
Unless you introduce yourself you might have a gender trouble-
https://mkarkare.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/tere-ghar-ke-samne-in-the-eyes-of-a-frenchman/ - the poor person didn't know that you are not a frenchman :-) - there was a link which pointed to smiling nutan (obviously not mmany aren't greeted by her) - may be people expect that the women should have only favourite heroes- Salman Khan, Dharmendra ... and vice versa ;-) But then Nutan seems to be more of feminine gender favourite (except me of course) - You and Carol- silent now. And reason is probably--- she was not sexy ;-)
I had been at Hyderabad for quite a long time, around a quarter of century, before moving somewhere else. So her links would have been known there. And anyway Sobhana was active in Hindi and Marathi movies - Both are Bombay, Kumarsen Samarth the father, and Motilal second but unofficial father - Sobhana and Motilal (the uncle of Ananri) didn't marry, though Sobhana had divorced quite some time back, but reportedly lived together/ were on relationship. Everyone were from the industry so Hyderabad is ruled out. However that is immaterial. BTW- WIki has reminded today is Nargis' birthday- the two greats were born so close to each other (on day and month) though 7 years separated them.
Wiki is basically contributed and not researched hence there are quite some inaccuracies, which over time might get corrected. If some one reports that is.
Similar condition is IMDb. However there response in correction is quite poor. The filmography of Nutan for example has errors.
A few movies in the list are of some Nutan from Bangladesh, which unfortunately were listed as our Nutan's movie. I could only know after buing the discs of those movies and watching them.
I am still not sure whether she is in Kranti- I had to see this - super-hit but unbearably bad movie- and twice to find where she is, but couldn't. Then checked its credit too and couldn't find her or for that matter any 'Nutan'. This feed-back I gave to IMDb, but the name is still there. I sometime doubt, was she there in some fleeting scene? Since some of the articles are also mentioning this movie against her name. But don't try to see the movie just to search her, it's bad movie. Just a pot boiler, badly executed, to cash on 'patriotic' feelings of audience, and it had succeeded, by being one of the top grossers of that time. Wiki I think doesn't list it, but it has also missed a few of her movies. it lkists only about seventy movies. Whereas my count is 96 movies plus one serial on TV. There is one more possibility, but couldn't be checked as usual. It is a regional language movie (Asamese) and untraceable. It si a 1988 movie and Heroe's mother role - so possibility is there, and also it was made by a doyen of Boollywood (Bhupen Hazarika) so again it makes it likely. However that would the increase my count of not-available with me to 23+ 1 serial.
LOL no, not even in my next bill will I pay for comments being longer than usual. I pay the same whether comments or no comments!
Well, I might have been misinformed about Hyderabad, and in fact I searched and didn't find anything. But the wikipedia page is so poor anyway!
Some nice tributes to her

By Voice of America: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-voRMPmBYw

By NDTV: http://www.ndtv.com/video/player/bollywood-roots/nutan-indian-cinema-s-unsung-star/311376
Yes, I suppose you could go on and on in this way, examining all the various aspects of Nutan's skills! Still, it's very interesting!
You are looking at maturity physically (biologically) and psychologically (responsibility wise).. and in this you are right.. the mental maturity, usually forced/ trained arrives much earlier- may be the inherent motherly instinct? Playing with dolls (and play acting mother to them) from early childhood - almost infancy automatically make them responsible, but romantically?
That depends on the exposure. Mothering is taught at home, but as we say the "Sakhi" role of the wife - playful, often naughty consort - is never discussed. On screen she had to of course play that. In today’s time of course we are exposed form 5 year age to romance - (mom watching soap or romantic movies), but back then in 40s? Only cinema halls. not even VCDs (TV Came to India in 70s) - Movies back then usually had religious/ period flavour (Sobhana was more into religious movies) - This was expected, the national scene was a tense - so the movies were accordingly- some social like Roti, Neecha Nagar, some carefully camouflaged nationalistic, other religious and if romance then Period. For example the type of romance I saw in say Achut Kanya or Tansen, Humayun etc-- all with the great actors of their time? These were not too different from Nutan early, the stiff heroine romance.
Things might have changed, as per my stock around late 40s- when after independence the things settled and then the heroines started expressing their love through small gestures - may be due to again actually being in love it was easy? Suraiya, Nargis,... which advantage wasn't available with the just teen-ed kid.
I feel that to act one has to generate the feeling inside, for that you have to know how it feels like or at least observe- In Indian society she was not likely to have got that opportunity back then.
I read some times back- some great actor and actress I forgot the names- were shooting two movies, one in the morning, the other in the evening - in one they were lovers, in other either brother-sister or even worse father- daughter, I don’t remember. The actor was telling how difficult it was to act every morning and evening he has to change his perception towards her. This is what they said living the roles (and that's why the popular screen players often got paired off-screen too?)
You will see the subtle difference that came in one year - Shabaab (1954) and Seema (1955) – In Shabaab she was still sometimes questioning herself of how it is to be in love (in romantic scenes) however in intense scenes she was better, though not still honed. But in Seema- it was natural, gradually from the rebel to the respectful (interestingly it was daughter role- the way she behaved with Balraj was as a naughty daughter to her tough but loving father and that was as should have been towards the warden?) happy to see him pleased with her, to the one in love, but unaware and then finally when he had heart attack, aware that she was in love. In each stages her acting was according. It would be interesting to know what happened in that one year- was she in Europe in that time? Exact times are nowhere in picture (it says after a string of flops she was sent). She had one in 51, then a few in each 52, 53, 54- after that it was only one or two per year. So it is highly probable that after Shabab she went off and came back to do Seema? Just guess work here, till someone corrects and brings the actual facts.
But in Seema and afterwards.. she could simply change her age.. sometimes she would look like a kid, and then a young woman, and then may even be a mature one- Lady like. All this in one movie (say Anari) – all she could achieve with small change in mannerism and expressions!
“In Sabkuch Seekha Hamne” She is perfect lady, sober and the turmoil kept under strong check, which rushed out , when she was alone in “Tera jaanaa..”

Anyway shouldn't write so long ones- have to give you time to write your article :-) and not give you a chance to have an alibi ;-)
Hmm... All very interesting. But you know, I think girls mature faster than boys, and, I believe, have a sort of instinct for love and affection which boys do not have. So, if you add a certain maturity (some girls are more mature than others - maybe Nutan was mature early), and perhaps a gift for observation (actors observe people in order to copy them and draw inspiration from a variety of situations), she might well have been able at least to "represent" romancing realistically enough. For me, "living" the roles as opposed to hamming them doesn't preclude a certain progression towards perfection. When I (and you) say she doesn't act but live her roles, well, it's partly a paradox: of course she acts! But she acts so well that we believe she's living the role. So this means simply that she acts very well. I would say that some of her early roles are as yet not perfectly honed. This doesn't mean that she's perfect, but that there was still room for progression. What Nutan never does is ham; she's always natural, whether slightly imperfect in her first roles, or damn amazing in the mature ones.
You know just for fun I have started doing a work. As a law abiding (almost) old man, I get hold of the DVDs/ VCDs. But then by not being so much abiding I rip them into HDD either VOB or MP4 and watch from there (2TB already full) and keep the Originals safe for crash recovery. The ripper has a scissor. So I once started extracting nice (or rather nicest- while she is there it would be nice) parts from the movies, a few minutes clip each. But rejoining I didn't/couldn't since it would need some commentary else it would become one big disjointed mass. Which of course need expertise. Realising it I stopped may be at somewhere around 1958-1959. It was just to look how a rather gawky type of girl suddenly became the beauty.. and it isn't the look. She was pretty even in say Nagina. It was the dynamic face (expressions) that was just not matured enough to light the screen up. Of course for that too I have my theory.. Unlike today's kids graduated at 10 through TV, in those ages, the protective families kept the kids as kids. In that condition- even at 13-14 how could she know what love/ romancing is except may be from books? And if she didn't how could she pretend it on screen? As we agree- she lived the roles, not acted the roles. And if she couldn't understand how could she live it? And as the eldest child, and the non-gender bringing up, automatically she would have been a bit of tomboy, and with younger sisters a bit bullish too? That must be the reason of her mother calling her recalcitrant, which I would think is quite natural if the family structure is like that. Six year younger the next sister, mother busy - I can imagine she would definitely be bossing around :-) my elder was only two years older than me, and still she was boss - though mom being housewife she could put a bit of rein on her, and though not tomboy, but she wasn't too feminine (coy and things like that) either till some time. Obviously the mothers won't like those behaviours in those days.
I think the change came over when she understood what romancing really is. Again may be thanks to Swiss trip - what we call westernisation :-) - and that may be the difference that suddenly came, in Seema. It wasn't really then grooming it was something else. And of course the failure of the movies before that is understood.. who could stand the heroine not romancing the poor and earnest hero, more like playing with him :-) .. you know the romancing scenes especially, if you see in Nagina or even Humlog- are a bit forced- whereas the other scenes look a bit more natural. But to see the romancing and songs we go to hall isn't it?
Yes, the upcoming article is in the works...
Good, so you might be soon competing with me (in pre 65 movies). There are a few un-heralded movies - the names might put one off but were good ones say "Chacha Chaudhry"- you might think it to be belonging to cartoon character- but it is not, it is some sort of comedy of error- of a person escaped from mental asylum.
And there were a quite a few pretty actresses then - like Nimmi- not much in acting though (may be the first one in the slap-gate? and of all she had slapped Dilip Kumar). In fact Dilip had escaped another slap earlier- from Suraiyya, who just stormed out and never acted in that movie or in any later with him. And then you ahve Shyama, Shakila, Waheeda -- another set of pretty women, who could act. Though I would advise to look at Hero and Director too, before going for it. Try another beauty- Anuradha - Based on Madame Bovary- Balraj Sahni and Leela Naidu. Then there is one of Sohrab Modi and Nimmi- based on Les Miserables. - Kundan - may be debut movie of Sunil Dutt. here Nimmi was good. But just be careful- once you are addicted to those movies.. I don't know whether you would be able to stand the current breed. Just take care, in the current mood don't go for too gloomy- as Yves said- kagaz Ke phool or Pyasa. rather you have (of him) AarPaar (masala potboiler) or beautiful Madhubala in Mr and Mrs 55 (Taming of the shrew) another masala in CID. In fact I have gone quite far back in Humayun, Tansen etc of K L Saigal. They too are quite nice ones, one could sit through. Of course a lot I have to watch yet- of the 500 I could gather I have covered only a third completely (Start to end) and may be another 50-60 in parts (Skimmed through).
Go through- in case you are watching on you- the ones by Thomas Daniels- (tommydan) he had taken lot of pain in remastering and uploading nice prints- far better than the copies I have of official copyright owner/seller. By the way how do you start a blog? I think first you have to get a name registered then? I think I would better get hold of some fellow to make that :-) The google tells me to go to wordpress- but those are full of advertisements, not the clean one like your.
I hope we are providing subject for Yves - her upcoming project a few days away.
Wow, well that's a decision,for which I both admire you (it is far for common) and for which I wish you courage (there's so much to see, and perhaps you might be put off by some authors - Guru Dutt for instance!). But you have all your time, and anyway you'll be rewarded!
yves, I don't it's a crush; it's a pure and deep admiration of her work.

Anyways, realizing that I was wrong about the movies of those times, I've now started watching other movies as well and plan on watching all those that were considered as great movies, and that as a critical viewer.
@nympolept - With the risk of offending yves by repeating her- I am impressed, a new recruit has already covered 30! Of course I might pride myself to be, may be, the highest count of Nutan.. of the 500+ odd movies I have around 75 are her. Some are rarest of rare - like Aagosh. And I am still trying for other. may be suddenly it would crop up somewhere. Like I say somewhere a mail in Google-posts- about some one who has 'Lighthouse" unfortunately it was a 2003 post and the yellow pages of Ahmedabad didn't show the shop.. must have wound up. Who knows. But at least that shows that all isn't lost.. so I might still grow :-). In fact had I been a bit freer in career.. I would have, may be I will, make a visit to Mumbai and Ahmedabad now- to scavenge the old shops. Bengaluru I could get some. Delhi - being modern city, has yielded dust only. But still I think it has some chance, may be the Chandni-chowk area.
And as Yves said and I too feel, when she enters the screen, somehow the mood changes, in her younger days, the hall used to light up. It was just that ethereal beauty...and then you feel, as I said earlier, she isn't acting, living it. For example in your intro, Paying guest- when Dev slips his arm into her (Badminton racquet episode, in the song mentioned by you).. the shock on her face is what one would expect. Or the "Chod do aanchal" first is a sweet scolding and then when she finds that rebuked Dev is retreating.. then the sweet "Hey I didn't really meant what I said" face. It is all natural, not acted up.
Try seema her first masterpiece (only available in you- strangely, there is no seller having the DVD of it, not listed in Amazon or elsewhere. It has too many scenes to impress- in fact full of it. I could keep on watching that for her, and re-interpret her mannerism a new way, find something new. As some article somewhere had said she had overacted.. but had she? When I could put a young girl, on screen as well as in reality, trapped in like that, won't she be behaving that way? In the slums, you would see much more vocal and loud gesturing persons. We/the person who wrote- did we think she is form the upper strata and hence act with restraint? Lovely but flop movies are- Shabab, Sone Ki Chidia, Heer, Dil Hi to hai (only in you, again I couldn't get hold of the DVD) the problem with us is.. once we fall for people like her, Nargis etc we fall hook, line and sinker. Now when I see Sadhana, I try to compare her acting with the role demand and then they all become average actors, or pure beautifier/ glamour quotient. Nutan did one 'Item Number' in Paying Guest, the hotel dancer job.. which could never become item number.. this is one role which she could never do.. Madhubala would have been a different thing in that dance. I think the most glamourous dance she ever did was in "C A T ?" .. going to the extent of a flying kiss at the end...!
In your time of sadness or loss, Nutan might be only one who could soothe you, and definitely laugh/ be blissful when she is and even may be forced to shed a tear with her. As you said, she could bring horrible movies, to at least watchable level. I could manage one super-flop Saanjh Ki Bela, which for me is better than Kati Patang, because the central figures do not compare- Asha Parekh Vs Nutan. But the movie went into can due to the earlier, and despite superb Heroine and Villain (incomparable rehman) performance, faster release of KP and was zero in Hero (Joy Mukherjee) and Music killed it.
So Nympholept you have already watched 30 movies with Nutan in one month?! Wow, indeed it is a crush. But my hope is indeed that Nutan's truthfulness and purity will be some kind of solace for you. As you imply, she's an actress who doesn't bother about the personal benefits of acting: when she's there on the screen she isn't advertising her skills, she's using them fully for the benefit of the story, and the positive feelings (virtue, honesty, courage, determination, joy, liveliness...) she can hope to pass on to spectators thanks to her presence.
Sorry Sbasu for the trouble because of the sequencing of the comments, it's the blog's responsibility, not mine. When I had the old version, it was much better!
Anyway, what you say about Nutan's go-between situation is quite interesting, and important. I understand very well that she would have felt in such a way, torn between her two men, being herself so devoted and truthful.
As I said before, I'm hardly impressed by any movie stars. If I start counting the showbiz personalities for whom I have some real respect for, they may not reach even up to 10.

I didn't “fell in her love” from a single movie. I started watching her movies just last month and up till now have watched more than 30 of hers. Surprisingly, I have now realized that I had known her by name many many years ago when I watched Kajol’s “Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.” Impressed by Kajol’s brilliance, I was curious to know about her, who she is? whom she belongs to? etc. and that’s when I got to know about Nutan, but I never thought of watching her movies because I had some notion about those B&W vintage movies that they weren’t worth watching. However, I was fond of music from that era since childhood (I’m 39 atm) and had a collection of 100s of songs from 50s and 60s. Nutan’s name got buried in deep recesses of my mind and never came up again.

Last month, I had an emotional setback and was looking some ways to counter the grief. Suddenly the idea of watching the videos of those old melodious songs came in and I started watching on YouTube. One of those songs was “mana janab ne pukara nahi” and that was the starting point. So, the first movie I watched of hers was Paying Guest.

For me, the difference between other good actors and Nutan is that watching others I get a feeling like they are acting very nicely, but when I watch her I feel like she is not acting; it seems as if some real life character is in front of me. A couple of days ago, I watched Mehrban. I didn’t like the movie because the story and the characters were extremely exaggerated. However, there were many instances where Nutan proved that she didn’t need a very good movie or an exceptional role to show her excellence.

In Bollywood, female actors very rarely get good substantive roles and this was the case with Nutan as well. However, whenever she got a role, she took it to the ultimate height.
By the way- this type of not sequencing of comments- it is calender sequenced but we are not responding to particular comments- it is your creation or sites?

That apart- you have in your main article wondered about her family circumstances..
The answer lies in Mohnish's eldest child name- "Pranutan".
There seem to be no doubt that he was a devoted son, and may be that made him in opposite camp of his aunt and cousins, who could have but never helped him, career wise.
Most likely, there was no love lost between him and his father. This type is common and in this the sufferer is the common person- in this case the mother, who can't leave either for the other.
In single child, nuclear family, where the family is outcast from the larger family, it could be acute , for the spouse who is the common factor. And worse for the female, since the males alweays have a chance to escape and find solace somewhere, in office , work or elsewhere. This looks to be the case, since Nutan moved to, where they do as a last resort, may be her only, to religion.
If she had suffered, may be it was due to the bickering between the two males in her life. I don't suspect the relation of Husband and wife- (may be Mohnish , the only fact owner will contradict). One of the things is the farm, where the house I heard is shaped like a ship.
This is a small gesture, but it speaks of her feeling. Buying a farm, gifting to her husband could have been a common occurrence, and I would have said it is some placating/ bribing mechanism. But buying a farm and even without giving it to him, making it in the way he would love is the small gesture.
The common fights, misunderstandings between the spouses, even when in love they occur, in love triangles- here it was isn't it? Two heroes of her life, each claiming her? It is likely to be misinterpreted by third party, even when she was close friend, especially for a very private family like Behls, who would rarely clarify things to media or even friends (people rush to do when they are in the wrong and the other are right, but when things are OK within them, they don't need to isn't it? Most of these clarifications and avowals soon result in skeletons tumbling out at a later date. In this case what was truth we might never know. Since the Mohnish family is as reserved as his parents, and in this case only the husband and may be the wife are the last in the know. And for that I must say, that I respect them.

And to answer you-- most of the 'lovers' (the word is too misinterpreted in wrong sense, so in current context it is 'adorer'?) of Nutan usually on the same track or parallel tracks.
Thank you for this long message. I feel that in spite our different ways of expressing things, we are of the same mind!
Since I said, I am not expert in the webs.. which might be necessary to open a blog- else I have to take some one's help in it.. may be I would do it some times.
Now continuing to my statement- vulnerable, innocent and child like..
Let mee tell the way I look at- the roles she lived (and I suspect in off screen too).. was of a person who would follow 'the' path, despite all the hardships and personal sacrifices she has to make. And that makes her vulnerable, and the viewer feels compelled to protect her (against making those decisions), and would curse the person who brought the circumstances. Like in Sujata.. couldn;'t the two males.. Tarun and Sunil shown some spine? Both were very caring to her, shouldn't they have done something to cherish her? Of course the ending was nice. Similarly Saraswatichandra- any other heroine I won't have felt so, but in this- how Manish could do it? Even in the end-- he could still have waited and tried to brainwash her ? I agree it was the story.. but in some circumstannces you feel that it's not OK. As I said.. other heroines too has had these type of tragic roles- say Asha parekh in many movies, say Do Badan, Meena - umpteenth-- did we feel like that ? I wonder.. it is something we say was in her fate. But here we say 'it is not proper' why? Since the 'type of person', should not be treated like this. This is what I meant by being a vulnerable person. Strong, yes she was in real life as well as screen too. But these type of strong people are excessively vulnerable, and need more protection than other, the more ductile ones.
Then the innocent and childlike- I don't know whether you see like that- Somehow I had always seen her some sort of 'virginal'.. not in physical term, it is the mental. Even in the jail, in Bandini, or the twice re-married widow in Saudagar- some how that mental purity couldn't be taken off her character. Of course the child gestures-- Baarish, DiIlli Ka Thug etc- she had, may be last time in Anari? After that it was more of a mature roles, at least no pranks, Dil Hi to hai, Bandini, TGKS... But she couldn't shake off that - what I should say- guile-less mannerism?
And in the sexiness, you have said my thought. The sexi-ness makes the spectators (of other gender) try to 'own' you, the beautiful- people won't dream of, they would simply adore you. And the sexy image only is carried forward- it progresses farther and farther- first manners and then exposures (like Sharmila). Wherewas beauty.. even in Bikini (supposed to be the first mainstream heroine to don one ?) she was still adorable.. since no one really looked at the clothes, or absence of it :-) This is what today's Bolly heroines- or for that matter normal - girls too- fail to understand. They try to be animal- attractive. Not a divine charm, which soothes, just by watching.
And what you said- she really doesn't seem to be acting the roles- she seems to be the role. And that's why, may be, she never tried to look beautiful. After all one can't look beautiful in all the normal circumstances. A few had tried to ape her some time or other and it simply makes one fall more in love. Notable was Sadhana.. Just the other day I was watching few songs- where she tried to act like Nutan- only she would smile when she was supposed to be serious, and the next scene there would be tears in her eyes- the song lyrics should have asked for tears even as she was smiling. This type of wrong expression I have rarely seen with her. Even in her young movie- say Heer- the main song (Hemant Kumar- Ek Chand Ka Tukra).. she would be a moment coy, happy, almost seductive- and the next moment as she hears the should of the Uncle hunting for Raanjha- she would be tense and scared.. then finding Ranjha has disappeared, again relax. Or have a look at the Dil Hi to hai "Tum Agar Mujhko na Chaho" -- Again not in your list- where she mistakes her idol, Raj Kapoor- to be someone else, and when she finds that she had been insulting him, you could see her expression at the start of the song.. just staring at him thunderstruck.. till he through the lyrics, tells her everything is OK (provided she is still unattached- to Pran obviously) and relaxed she walks smiling towards the center and a plain girl suddenly becomes beautiful. There are so many small things like this which makes an actor. Which of course is rare, since director can't tell one how to look, or finer nuances.
@nymphlept- it is an interesting nom de plume you have taken. I don't know from which part you are, but I assume India? As yves said.. it is the feeling that matters- which you have expressed in a single sentence "Wish I could meet her" we all do, and alas, but none could summarise in a single phrase. By the way you didn't tell us the movie which made you fall in love with her. As far as I am concerned- the first movie I saw was Anari. But that was not love in first sight, though in this she was one of her beautiful best. It was later, in the plain girl next door Sujata. And then of course bandini, Seema, paying guest, and a few more and from then no one else exists. In our younger age they used to say Amitabh is #1 to 10, after that the count starts.. Nutan is around that, not that much though. For me, somewhere around Nargis, Suchitra lurks (Meena could have, had she not been so weepy), Madhubala too is somewhere in the top ten only. Rest of the ten is only Nutan :-) . Then (post 10) a few other like Meena, Nimmi, Shyama,...
And (though afraid of muds being slung at me).. I hardly appreciate the Great Dilip. He ahs a bit of-- what I should say ? Superfluousness? Over acting (in trying to act normal he over normalises?), egoist (clearly visible in his manners) ? Simply I can't really stand him.
Give me Sunil, Young (pre-1970) Dharmendra and Pre-1970 Dev Anand any day. In fact I would say the ever-old Bharat Bhushan was good. Ashok was of course a different type in 50s, Balraj Sahni too was a bit - what I would say- not a real life actor, just a bit like theater actors (where you make more and loud gestures?) .

TV- Soaps? I never watch- except these late night songs (and movies on computer) i prefer to cosy up with national geographics, Animal Planet, Discovery etc.
Don't worry Nympholept if you can't perfectly express yourself. Words it's true have their importance, but mostly ideas are important, and for example this idea of yours of hoping one day to meet Nutan in the other world, is a wonderful idea.
Nice answer, Sbasu, I appreciate it when you "blabber" here, as you say!! I for one would love a blog by you where you would be able to develop your personal thoughts on Nutan, and perhaps on other Indian movies subjects! As to the question in your post: "What was in her that we all love her?" I agree that she wasn't sexy, and perhaps this remark of yours contain more than what you say: Not being sexy means not pandering to spectators' and producers' desires, and therefore remaining free to perform the essential job which an actress must perform: this freedom is I believe one of her great assets. So many girls, who can be gifted in acting, join to the spell of their art the spell of their body, and this corrupts the result.
I'm not sure though that I would call her beauty "vulnerable, innocent, and a quite a bit child-like" - for me, it's almost the opposite. I find her very mature. Perhaps what you mean is pure? If so, yes, because there was in Nutan something unalienated to the traps of the silver screen (of which sexiness is one). She must have known she was beautiful, yet she rarely (or perhaps never) uses this beauty in a vulgar way. There might have been scenes where she didn't preserve herself all that much. For me, her beauty is of a radiant nature, it makes you see her soul, it beams her soul through. And so when she impersonates her feelings, I am carried away because it seems to me she's really feeling what she is acting so beautifully.
I'm not good writer. I can't express my thoughts and what's in my heart by writing because I'm short of words, short of sentences. What you have said is exactly 100% what I would have written if I had the ability to do so.

I'm hardly impressed by any movie/TV stars, not at all by Dilip Kumar or else, but the intensiveness of impression that Nutan has thrust upon my soul is immense. As I've said below, I'm yearning to somehow meet her, which of course is impossible in this world.
The title of the NDTV - Undung star is what we would strongly object to- Not only beauties of songs sung by her (including a few even played back by her- unfortunately all the three movies are untraceable - and might have become Dodo - unless some archive dig it out and help us.. Hamari Beti (her debut movie had at least one song sung by her), Chhabili had all the songs played back and also Mayuri - where it seems (I am not sure) she had penned a few lyrics too. And as far as for her-- after all we are there to sing paeans on/for her. In Heer the song "Ek Chhand Ka Tukda" has one line "Kehte hain ki us mukhde ka Aaina bhi hai parwana" = "It is said that even the mirror is enamoured with the beautiful visage"... We agree and not only mirror, it is a well known fact that the camera is madly in love with her face. What was in her that we all love her? Difficult to explain. She was definitely not sexy. Her beauty was too vulnerable, innocent, and a quite a bit child-like to ever be classified on that line. What I some times feel is her acting which makes us forget of her beauty. When she acted, she was the part, not Nutan. Look at one of my favourites "Bulbul mere chaman ke" available on youtube.. she is cajoling her unconscious lover to wake up .. when she says "Jaago" wake up- her expression too is the way one would say that to beloved.. She didn't only lip sync- her total body and especially her face synched in the songs. This I have seen in rare cases. Most of the cases the heroines (obviously) would like to look pretty than look the character. No one (I haven't seen even heroes- not even Dilip Kumar) would like to stretch the neck-muscles (not definitely a pretti-fying pose) - as in Manmohana - Seema (and must have been only a kid of 17 or 18?) - and the scene before that - the childishly innocent pout "Because I was very angry" - It is really difficult to write on her.. you don't know where to start and how to stop :-) - In fact had I been computer savvy (Alas in this age it is difficult to learn) - I would have been a competitor blog to our yves- but I could anyway drop by at her site and blabber here :-)
You have seen Shabaab but not Heer (not in your list)? Another Romeo-Juliet (in 4 years she did 3 of them.. Laila majnu, Shabaab and Heer-1956). Heer has superb songs and Nutan is at her Georgeous best, still a bit youngish (physically fully bloomed from the next year onwards i.e. 1957). But Seema onwards she had been a beautiful young woman. ..and then the youngish beauty turned int grace.. which continued till 1980s (Sajan Bina Suhagan, Main Tulsi etc era, she could have been a heroine, with a get-up to that effect, not with false white hairs etc. May not be college girl, but definitely the office going like of Vidya Sinha in Rajanigandha ages). But the movies matured, to deal with heroines in mid/late twenties (on screen) which is necessary to deal in serious social subjects in off-beat (we call 'art' or 'parallel' ) movies , at a later date.

One interesting thing of Nutan Movies.. her most acclaimed three movies - Seema, Sujata and Bandini-- none have a single hero -heroine duet :-)
That is easy really-- There is one movie of her- Sone Ki Chidia - The Golden Goose- Where she is an orphan , becomes an heroine - exploited (by family). There was a mention of the earnings there. It was a five year contract I think a few lacs (100,000) per movie or so. So say a couple of hundred thousand per year. Exact dialogue I don't recall. But in that age those were huge amount.
And considering the reports that we have from media, she was definitely in the right. Of course the media/public opinion takes soft corner for the old mother and not so successful younger sister and goes against the star elder. That's what really might have happened.
That's another element we don't know much about, and I'm not sure if we will ever know: how much Nutan got paid for her films... You say pay wasn't good back then, but she must have been sufficiently paid for her mother to want to keep it for herself and Nutan to launch a 20 year long feud over the sums...
That was quite famous case - allegedly :-) . Mother and the other crew went ahead with the premiere but Nutan wanted to go in time. Shammi was asked to chaperone her. On the movie hall she was denied entry (It was Adult movie- Nagina) and she not only was but definitely looked too underage, No convincing that she was part of the crew, infact the heroine, no one believed. Movie had started - It isn't reported whether her plea to call mother from inside to let her vouch did succeed or not, or even whether Shammi (he was around 19) left her on the popcorn/candy shop outside while he went in :-) isn't in the reports either. I just mentioned that to show the close tie between the two families- and the tie was a bit closer, and also more of a family type, than expected, and also mark that there were never any romantic involvement ever, even in this generation, even though there were always heroes and heroines from the two families with quite matching age - Nutan/ Shammi, or Tanuja/Shashi- they were romantic on screen but not off. Sibling-feeling? May be- but then it makes one wonder- why didn't any of them came to resurrect career of the only child of Nutan, once she was no more? That is any way the glitter world? Bharat Bhushan died pauper, Begum Para (I wonder was she the reason of the feud between brothers? Did DK had any soft corner towards her too?) too was though not pauper, but wasn't left well off, despite she as well as husband (Nasir Khan) having number of hits. In fact a lot of the glittering stars of the 40s and fifties faced life like this. One reason was- pay wasn't good back then. The profit sharing or the huge signing amount was unheard of. And whatever they got, they lived a lavish lifestyle to fritter it away.
Okay, I didn't know this tie of hers with Shammi; She grew up in Hyderabad, right? Did the Kapoor family live nearby?
No don't worry, these comments cost me nothing! The blog costs me a certain fee which I pay yearly but other than that, it's fine. I don't have a limit on the bandwidth. As for DK, I'm not very surprised by all you say. I didn't know it of course, not being versed in Indian affairs. But such collusion between the media industry and other vested interests is a common thing after all.
I was just wondering-- all my missing gaps, at least partly could be filled by Mohnish-- provided he is co-operative (and has the items)? I think, any way I have been dropping my lines to so many - National Archives I tried, DD too one more attempt, may be sans reply - RSVP doesn't work with them :-) (they don't know french - ne parle pas francais - (learnt way back in 2000- just before one official trip for a month to France) - Now of course retain only scatterings, then of course could understand a bit too, unless spoken rapidly :-) - Anyway let me shed some euros off your wallet by eating into your available bandwidth.
By the way- the point (directors)- credit goes to many, but here itw as Nutan, she said so in VOA- I only interpreted :-)
Another interesting tit-bit might explain DK's power and his attitude- His sister was married to a industry biggy- Mehboob Khan's son. It seems when there was a domestic tiff (some tenseion between the sister and BIL), the BIL was threatened and also assaulted- by some criminals. DK of course washed his hands off, saying it could be his fans and not criminals. But it was supposed to have pointed to his close ties with Bombay Underworld. May the that's why his escapades are always played down , even by media? Who dares antagonise them? Even now, and much more so then, before the Underworld Emperors and Kings migrated outside country! Things fit up to quite a bit, including his pre-movie days- he was from a business family, and in family business, with root in both Bombay and Peshawar (now Pakistan) when he was spotted by one of the the all time greats of bolly, Devika Rani, and made a hero. By the way one doubt- our (rather my) frequent visits I hope do not lighten your wallet? Somewhere I was reading that these blogs are limited by number of clicks and more than a number and you have to pay (exactly opposite of the blogs who permit advertisements) ?
But the power was much more with RK- who was never known to misuse it. May be it was because of unbridled one? RK's father was alive and he, looking at on screen personality, I assume that he won't allow any nonsense of screen too. May be he did a Mughal-e-azam in Raj-Nargis romance? Especially in view of the fact that Raj was already married and father of three then?
Dilip has a lot of skeletons in cupboard not only this ones.
So it always surprised me how a nice kid, on and off screen, would have had a 'regret' of having never worked with him.
Interestingly she had worked with a known 'womaniser, Shammi Kapoor, several times (four to be exact). But then Shammi was her childhood friend and then he became so after the unfortunate death of Geeta Bali (as told by his second wife). SO circumstances, reputation and their mental vibes were different. I have seen it in their movies together especially in Basant- where their interactions were quite free and very friend-like. The off-screen growing up together helped? In fact it is a bit surprising some times why they didn't fall for each other. He was known to escort her while she was in early teens. Including in the premiere of her movie (Nagina) where she wasn't allowed to enter. Age difference was just right (only some 5 year older). - may be elder brother mentality? Who knows, both are not there to tell us.
Yes, you're making a good point there Sbasu, even though it's a classic one - that, given the adequate attention and art, much can be said with a scarcity of means. But this operation needs reflection, and probably it also needs art. Much of art as I understand it is this capacity to mean much with limited means, and nowhere do we see this better demonstrated than in poetry. But you're right, in the cinema too!
Thanks for this update, which isn't very surprising, of course, given Dilip Kumar's fame and therefore power in terms of who did what in those days. So indeed it's clearer now that Nutan should have kept at a distance!
By the way how can you watch Rishta KK ? I don't think it is in the domain anywhere- and if not even un-subtitled in India I don't think you could get a subtitled one? This is one (without subtitle) I got from Mr Sumeet Gupta (Bless him for having it and a few others)
In the episode i think I missed Vyjayanthi (another rumored).. who married in a hurry to escape attentions, Like Leena and Hema did to escape another slap-gate person Sanjeev- fortunately all these three endured.. may be because these were to escape, not to get over.

Then as per the movies- in VIOA Nutan said she takes movies that were worth. The movies have three aspects, story, actors and director, each of which could make or break the movie especially the last two. A good actor and director could make superb one with a small patch (of a story).
And good story and actors (one Nutan would be enough to carry on her own) but poor direction, conceptualization would make it almost unbearable. I might watch as far as there are good actors. We wonder sometimes why did he or she take the project. But when I look the project was OK, the boss wasn't.
This is what I have seen in lot of Nutan movies. A story, especially if you convolute it (for example Basant- almost two movies merged into one?) the the director have to be superb one, to pace it give time, stretch where required, keep things in background to hurry up portions etc. This is where the movies, espacially of today misses. The entertainment value- the long fight sequences, or songs, dances forced in out of place, makes the space (time) available for story to flow less.
If you look the good directors' movies, the acclaimed ones had good actors and stories. In addition the inevitable (in bollywood) songs would combine the romancing/ tiffs etc and also move the story forward. Let nme give one example,
The immortal "Sun mere bandhu re" -- had done all the speakings of deep feelings of romance and commitment to each other in those few minutes?
Or another immortal "Jalte hain jiske liye".. just consider how much that would have stretched in the dialogues, even through phone, to ask her to break-up, even the final, through a letter? In the same movie, count minutes where there was the physical confrontation- When Sunil, now director can't avoid at least one face-off - confronts her. This is how you compress one long stretch of story without sacrificing the flavour.
In today's movies the songs are forced, out of place, the Adrenalin boosting fights too has to be long (and 'fantastic' to say it politely) where is the time left for the story to be accommodated? I assume they place the songs and the fight scenes as we mark points in graph paper, and then join those points to make a movie :-)
levity apart- that's how they spoil good actors and good script. As I saw, Basant, Rishta Kagaz Ka, Paisa Yeh Paisa.. all were good scripts, actors with Nutan at center, and supported by at least one good (Pran in Basant, Suresh Oberoi in RKK, Deven Verma, even Jackie Shroff was OK in PYP) went down by bad execution. Say a long another double story like Sajan Bina Suhagan - was well made by Chetan Anad- so it isn't the story length, it is how you could squeeze the flavour in a small bottle, without sacrificing anything. (Like the reems of papers in a CD :-) that's where the ultimate skill lies. And as Nutan said.. the movies are Directors, but unfortunately now they are actors.
Rishta Kagaz ka is OK as far as Nutan is concerned, since is is Nutan centric, and when it is her, well- it has to be OK- she can pull the movie. And of course the love interest Suresh Oberoi too is a good actor. My rating is 'B'
Secondly- I don't know whether you are aware or not, it had been quite well guarded by media, of Dilip being almost tiger wood type, or I would call worse. He had least respect for others, and even less for the women? They are more to exploit use and throw? First, he too admitted, it was Kamini Kaushal, a married woman. It is not only he tried his best, but also utilised his friends, including the journalists like Ismat Chugtai to seduce her. Reportedly, even as per him, she didn't fall for him. But his act is strangely defended by all his friends, including Ismat. He mentioned Kamini was the love of his life. But after her rebuff, he didn't stop. Next I heard was of Suraiyya. It is said that she kept herself aloof (obviously since she was overcoming her grief of Dev, which she never did finally). During the shooting of a movie "Janwar" (= beast) - it seems that there was some scene, where even after the 'Cut" by director he continued in a sensuous scene (might have been like the Sone Ki Chidia Scene- where Nutan and Talat keep on romancing on the set even after Cut after the song, to the amusement of the crew) But it wasn't an innocent one, just watching eyes locked, it was more of physical, something like she would lie down and he would hug from back and kiss her back or so.. when Surraiyya realised that it wasn't called for in the story, and he was acting off screen, just to spite her, she stormed out and the movie was shelved. She never worked with him again. Then Nimmi- the first slapgate which Suraiyya should have but didn't , Nimmi did. These were all mid '50s episode. In that condition do you imagine Nutan would have attempted a movie with him? In 1951-52 firstly Dilip might not have been so well known danger and secondly she was a kid so relatively safe. But not in late fifties. And she wasn't still I feel in a condition to be able to slap him, so she took easier way out when she came to know the hero's name. The later stage, the second well known slap-gate was of course forced on her, to protect the two men, one of course was a child then, of her life, she had to act. Dilip of course didn't stop then, Muadhubala and in fact there seem to some hints with Waheeda too before he settled with Saira.. and not that he fully settled.
Interestingly all these (except Nutan I didn't know, just came to know through net check thanks to @nymph and VOA). But all others are available in several 'passing' remarks by media, while each should have been scandals by their own right. I wonder why and how they were suppressed? The points come up now and then, it has been even accepted by Dilip, but his idolatory remained. It isn't that he was an womaniser. It was actually as I see it, worse. He never had respect for them, rather a clear disdain. 'Fawn on me, do whatever I say, or else..' .. obviously any decent one would avoid him with a long pole. Suraiyya and Nimmi did after bearing the brunt. Madhu would have convinced herself of his 'love' and went close, to suffer ultimately, and reach her end, earlier than necessary, sick and unhappy.
I think she did the right thing.. not signing a movie with him till she was in mid forties. Since reputation didn't matter to him (Suraiyya was a star of matching stature, and at that time, Nutan was still evolving as a star, with only 3-4 hits) Her decision likely have been guided by veteran- Shobhana?
Sbau, you don't say clearly I think whether Rishta Kagaz ka is worth watching?
So finally, do we know now why she didn't want to work with Dilip?
Right- Nurse is Rishta Kagaz ka- starting, where the make up was of young. Then of course she was made to don the role of older (middle aged) sister, bent under the pressure of bringing up the brother. Interesting story- orphan girl adopted by one old retires school teacher. When she grows up she works as a nurse in a hospital - where a doctor falls in love with her (and reciprocated). The adopting father has two sons, younger than her and the family finance is run by her (hence can't marry). The older brother gets a job, and the path is cleared- which of course is not what the director wants- so the brother dies in an accident, and she is back to her family harness. The doctor goes abroad for higher education and the mother (of doctor) manages in his absence to force her go out of his life to other city (Bombay). She does what she could- and continues in a hospital in Bombay. The surviving brother grows up to be Raj Babbar, who has his love interest Rati Agnihotri- only child of multimillioner. Raj meanwhile has completed studies and is a fast rising engineer with a builder. Nutan resigns. Then Raj marriess Rati and Nutan has to again join, (rich man's spendthrift daughter, family can't run with single income). She goes back to the hospital, where the old boss has retired and a new one has come in. You know who that could be. He had married the girl his mother wanted, a rich man's daughter, (he was told Nutan had dies in an accident). Then as Nutan tries to resign she had a black out and brain tumour and that too last stage. Then some melodrama- Raj suspects a relationship between Oberoi and Nutan- and disowns her- That is the relationship of Paper- not of blood. Of course he had to come at her deathbed and he does. (this is 1983 movie) and you can see, in the nurse scene- she was beautiful enough even then to be heroine through the movie.. not necessary to age her after half an hour.
Even something more interesting- I had heard some where (rather read) that one of Nutan's regrets were having never worked with Dileep (note I for one can't stand him, I might have even mentioned it some time, and for more reason than one) I was highly surprised why at all a person like Nutan wanted to work with him. When I heard this interview- there was a mention of it, and she mentions "Shikwa" - "which unfortunately got shelved, due to finance problems" of course there was more to it than that, but of course in her decency she didn't want to bring out the can of worms. I think this "unfortunate" came out in the media as "regret" ? . now when I tried to seaqrch in web for that source where I read it and whether this was the interview that was referred to (most likely this one since in the beginning the presenter said that this was the interview that had been quoted for quite some time). Then neither the tone, nor the wordings there was any regret.

While searching I came across a fact that I didn't know..The first person to be chosen for Mughal-e-Azam was Nutan. Even Asif had got some six songs written on her (of course then the songs were hero/ heroine's type oriented and hence had to be changed for new heroine). Then Dilip was chosen to be the hero- and unexplainedly Nutan, even before shooting started backed out of the project.. despite all the attempts by Asif- he was a big person- she didn't relent, nor explained why. Then the role went to Suraiyya who, obviously once she heard the name of the hero, refused.. On third choice it went to Madhubala- who was more than happy to work with Dileep. Suraiyya, I knew and also the reason of her refusal. But Nutan was first choice was unknown. Then with Madhubala Asif had to change the songs as well as the name of the movie from Salim-anarkali to Mughal-e-Azam. Now it adds up, the 'regret' was not. In case you have missed-
But it is in Hindi. And while watching.. Nutan looks beautiful in that Nurse's dress- which movie I wonder. There were only I think one or two movies.. but here she looks young - I need to check up- Rishta Kagaz Ka is one in which she is in the role of a Nurse.. but it was '83 movie. Even that letter reading scene too doesn't strike me. Though that would be those age.
Thanks Sbasu, for this comment. After what you wrote I went to listen to Mohnish's remarks in the VOA document, he punctuates his comments about Nutan with English so it's easy to follow.
Interesting.. thanks to @nympholept - on the VOA link- the other I had already accounted earlier. As on now the voice and the face were never separated..in fact the voices didn't matter- the face and the words made sense, now when I heard in the interview, I realised what a lovely voice she had. And I realise that the suggestion of silent movie - was blasphemous.
Very interesting talks- unfortunately in Hindi/ Urdu. The recording (of her) is in 1978 but the interviews of Mohnish and Tanuja was in 2013. It again brought out my theory- Mohnish's attachment to his mother, his mother down to earth behaviour at home (he recalls an episode.. when the interviwere asks him 'did you know your mother ws so great' he tells 'not till when I went to a producer for a role, mom was in the car, and offered to come with me. The moment she entered the office, all stood up in respect, that's the first time I realised what my mom was to the world'. Even in her late days, I heard in some media reports, the actors, however big star they might be, would report well in time, or even before. Since she would come to studio at the dot and she shouldn't wait for the 'hero or the heroine to come. We can only say she deserved every bit of it and got that without demanding or throwing tantrums, or rushing out of set if made to wait.
It interestingly also brings out that things are not well in the other household even after 30 years. She basically talked of herself, when the program was on Nutan and whenever she was forced to use her name, it was always associated with the mother, and also not the change in tone one would have expected.
This I saw in Mohnish - he talked only of the mom not even of himself, self promotion chance missed- only once of Dad, and that too almost like an afterthought.. 'and father' - so my theory is getting strengthened.
She had rued the star culture 'In my times the movies were directors' she mentioned 'It was Bimal Roy's Sujata or Mehboobs so and so, ofr Asif's.. now a days, it is the actors movie.. which obviously she didn't like- more on entertainment, than on story is what she said. And that is back in late seventies. I wonder what she would have said in eighties !
I've made a note of this great website, you're right. In fact I think I must have visited it a long time ago, but miscalculated its interest!
Thanks for the advice Sbasu: watching the film as a silent movie! Well, I hadn't thought of it, even you're right that the story is well-known (thanks for summarizing it once again). But nevertheless I think I'd lose on hearing Nutan's voice! Even if I can't catch everything she says, I like hearing the tone of her voice.
Why don't you look at the songs first in youtube? To look at all the songs I have found a beautiful site . It is called "Hindigeeetmala" - if you google "Heer Nutan Hindigeetmala" it would take you to the webpage http://hindigeetmala.net/movie/heer.htm
where all the songs and the details are listed with youtube links (and also lyrics- in roman - sadly not translated in English, only in English Alphabets, not language. I am sure if you haven't seen these songs.. just by songs you would be fallen head over heels, if that is possible further. And the music is lovely - unfortunately these are not played on TV so we (who knows) can only enjoy on computers. In India in fact there are at least 3 music channels - who play out old songs fro 21:00 onwards (one channel continues till morning 3:00 the others stop at 00:00 or 1:00). Not useful for you - these channels I don't think would be available/broadcast there, and the added disadvantage- no subtitles, but it is a manna for us, only that they have a limited, though quite large, repertoire and they keep on showing those.
Despite the absence of subtitle I suppose you can switch the sound off and watch like silent movie? The story anyway is well known one.. Romeo Juliet style-- you have an evil maternal uncle - who tried to kidnap a girl of neighbouring tribe, caught, beaten up and became permanently lame (and hence swore revenge). And then the chieftain of his tribe (incidentally his sister's husband) became father of a girl at a late age 9and hence his wish to own the tribe dashed.. he tried once to even kill the infant). She grow-up to become the famed Heer. And in the enemy tribe, the chieftain's boy grows up to be Ranjha- younger son, but favourite of father (and expected to be chief after him) and hence enemy of brothers and more of sisters in laws. The fame of Heer was spread everywhere- so Ranjha too comes in search of her in enemy territory- and the love story starts- under the evil watch of uncle.With beauties of songs (Bulbul mere chaman ke- the nightingale of my garden - Geeta Dutt- is when Pradeep's sisters in law poisons him, but he is carried to Heer's boat by the poisoning witchmen). Most of the story could be understood may be without language, except the nuances of course.
Yes that is unfortunate. Most of the movies are in VCD format and that too without subtitle. I wish some one could do the subtitling, even for us, some of the regional language movies becomes a bit difficult to pick up.
Yes, I intend to watch Heer - but as you know the version on the net have no subtitles, and so I have relented - but I need to get something done for June 4th!
I have fallen in love with her 24 years after her passing (because I've got to know her just now) and I yearn to meet her in the heaven.
Thanks a lot Sbasu for these precious elements of information: you are a real mine, a treasure-trove!
Yes, I have seen it... (despite not in Imdb.. like you I traced it to be her and seen it, obviously, how can I not) and despite the die hard fan, I have put in in "Average" category- just checked my master excel file where I have put the markers and synopsis. Very very poor story - not even hackneyed but like the normal masala- unbelievable. Try better Anjaam (or Paradh in Marathi).. suspense thriller.. neglect the Sachin and Sarika portions and it would be worth, after all it was Nutan and Shriram Lagoo centric, not the children (Sachin and his girl friend Sarika). All these movies Nutan could move an otherwise D or E grade (I have put A+ to F Grade) into C but after all how much she could do, especially when she is on secondary roles (mother, motherly sister in law etc). The beauties and unsung are- Saudagar, Grahan, Kasturi.
The synopsis of Hamara Sansar-
Parikshit Sahni- Cashier, Nutan wife, with couple of kids. BIL is Mithun. There is as usual vampish MIL (Sashikala) and SIL (Meena-T).. who are kleptomaniac. They steal their own brother/Son's office money (!) and puts blame on Nutan (not stealing but misplacement). Husband commits suicide (not really, but is saved by pet dog). Wife and kids are thrown out of home, which is sold off. The devoted BIL (Mithun) meanwhile is romancing heroine and hence doesn't know anything. Afterwards he obviously searches for them but unable to find. Then after usual drag.. the husband- desparately sick is found. to save him Nutan needs some money.. she goes to a rich man (om prakash- heroines father) and when he refuses, she hits him on head, putting him on deathbead. and Mithun sees him and takes the blame on himself.. and so on.. too many unbelievable things in the movie that kills it. Can a sister and mother (not step) push their son to brink? later when Mithun meets Nutan's children (and infact gives him work.. child labour :-) .. may be Mithun couldn't recognise them, but the children couldn't their favourite uncle? .. Except Nutan and Omprakash.. there is no saving grace. But even for these it isn't worth.
Sbasu, I have a query for you: have you seen Hamara Sansar?It's apparently a 1978 Nutan movie but it isn't listed in Nutan's IMDb page. It's here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m4JgqyTcF7Y without subtitles, of course, but if you tell me is worth seeing, then I'll try and watch it all the same!
Thanks very much for your message, and as Sbasu says (thanks Sbasu), indeed how can one NOT fall in love with Nutan? For me, it's ALREADY Heaven when I see her!! But indeed, I can hardly think about what I would say to her when we meet in the afterlife...!!! Please don't hesitate to comment, tell us why you like her, and what has made you discover her!
Well it is most welcome addition to our, may be rare, group. In fact if one watches her movies, starting from Seema days and then up to Grahan, just neglect a few 'family' soaps in between. I would really fail to understand, how one could fail to appreciate her extreme versatile sensitivity. The movies before had started to show her calibre, but just. Movies after were motherly roles in potboilers and hence not that significant, except a few ones where she had shown her calibre in motherly - but central role- (like Anjaam - bilingual, the original in Marathi- Paradh). Let us hope our coterie grow... unfortunately it could have grown, had there been a festival in her memoir this year.

Just to remind you and the other (rare) fans, we are nearing the 25th anniversary of Nutanji, jsut a week and few days ahead. 
Well, Sbasu, thanks so much! You actually went out of your way to find the film! That was very kind of you! One of these days I'll watch the film anyway, try and understand what I can with the hindi I know, and make sure I get the gist of it.
Have a good day. Over here in France, we're enjoying a sort of pre-Spring, and all the plants outside are developing!
OK, went and met the person personally.. he is genine, qite a gentleman... and has a huge collection of CDs and also the old fashioned LP vinyl records (music) etc... his hobby is rare movie collections 9and of course sells them too, though costlier than a normal market rate... but then that is his effort, which he deserves that extra amount.. he has a full fledged lab... VHS, LP record etc to CD conversion, though hobbyist and not hightech (digital remastering)... but nfortunately for you people (not subtitled) :-)
I am not sure, some times it looks this movie might be partly shot before Seema? But of course she had a interesting thing... she could transform herself from a glorious person, to a kid to a plain (Sujata).. and even in one movie.. I don't know how.. expressions? In Heer, if you see the Bulbul mere chaman ke.. she is just a kid in the song, and even just after that... and some times she is a young woman..
The Bulbul has a haunting song aswell as the lyrics of those times were very meaningful..
Oh nightingale of my garden,
Wake up, along with my future..
(and interestingly here if you see she is cajoling him to wake up.. some of the things, the director can't tell, the actors when they become the part of the character, they normally act)
See my eyes..
They are full of yearning..
(another very impressive play of eyes from behind the curtain)
The lamp is lit but the moth is sleeping
This evening is our, the restlessness is crying out,
Get up my love, please get up,

The moon on the blue sky will halt its movement,
If you wake up, the night would not end,
If you are with me, the morning would never arrive,
(which would again move us apart.. since she only spends the night on the boat, during day, she is with the family)
So get up my love, please get up..
No, I haven't seen Heer from beginning to end, because as you hint, I've not been able to lay hands on a subtitled version yet! I watched the songs from the film though, which indeed are very beautiful! "Ek Chand Ka Tukdaa" especially is immortal. I just watched again "Dhadakne Laga Dil Nazar Jhuk Gayee", and I noticed something which is a particular charm of Nutan's expressions of that period (or perhaps it's a filming/lighting trick?): her eyes are shown as two black pools and this lends her a warmth, a sort of softness which is perhaps less accentuated in the later, more focussed movies.
Have you seen Heer? The 1954 Shabaab was the fist movie where her capability was really coming on fore (that you have reviewed and mentioned).. the beauty that she would become still is a childish in this movie. Seema (1955) is the first movie where she had overcome her zero size.. . (the face is just that bit filled up... to become beautiful).. then the next year Heer (1956) is the first movie where she is at her glorious visage.. just see in you tube "Ek Chaand Ka Tukdaa.." www.youtube.com/watch?v=pS3QTXT8Emg or another beauty of a song Bulbul mere chaman ke (the nightingale of my garden.. sung by legendary Geeta Dutt) ... www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hgu0Bn8WRiQ
This is based on Indian Legend (Heer- Ranjha) .. the Romeo Juliet type.. with tragic ends..... if you get a chance .. I don't know you can get subtitled version or not.. It has a topless song too (Hero- Pradeep Kumar of course)... Dhadakne laga dil nazar Jhuk Gayee... My heart started beating and the eyes lowered, when I met him.. It has around 9-10 songs and most of them are beauty.

Thanks sbasu, I appreciate your reminder, and I'll certainly try and post something up on the date!


I won't definitely not advice the other fellow, whose credentials I myself doubt.

But if I manage to see him face to face, then I may consider even at the sosr.

Then I might, as a coconspirator try to pass them on, (again provided that they are with subtitles). Else I don't know being novice whether I can generate :(

Nyway what I thought is the Cultural relations wing of the Indian Embassy would be more approachable by non Indians than by Indians.


Thanks very much for all your efforts, and please don't worry if they don't succeed! Given what I know of Indian administration, I wouldn't count it as a lack of plan on your part.



Yes, I have in AVI format.

Not of top quality, but passable (and unfortunately not with subtitles). In fact it might be a bit easier for you may be to get from the TV (may be through the cultural relation wings?) which
obviously won't much oblige us. In fact I wrote to the DoorDarshan (but as expected no reply), since they might be in a position to supply a better copy and for you, with subtiltes. Since these
award winners are usually shown in national TV with subtitles. In fact I could trace a fellow who seemed to be had some. But the methodology of transaction seems to be just a bit unsafe and also
the prices are quite high. The safety in transaction could have been compromised had the prices been reasonable (at the rate of about INR 2000 to 3000 per DVD). 


Hello S. Basu,

I suppose I could go the long way round and try and get the movie via the channels you indicate... But your experience also shows that it would take a long time, cost a lot, and be rather
uncertain. AND I'm in France, not India! So the hurdles might just be a little too high, I think!

Thanks for all the advice nevertheless.


By the way don't get confused by a later movie somewhere of this century of the same name (Grahan) whenever I searched for it, I landed up onto this movie.

This Nutan Movie had one interesting psychological aspect, as explained by the professor.

You see the professor, while he was doing his research, the elder sister was supposedly in love with him, or rather it was more of a worship of his brilliance.

But of course she didn't like his scientist nature and hence the poverty (not interested to earn the money due to huis genius) and due to that she moved away to other rich boys.

That was the time the younger sister started her tricks on him.

The professor was explaining this to Nutan. And when I look at the fact it looks quite plausible.

The younger sisters are always attracted to the things of the elder one and wants to take them. In childhood it starts with dolls, and later with the boyfriends, provided that age gap isn't too
much. Here it was only some 5-6 years, the sister, by looks looked like around 21-25, the younger being about 17. So the boyfriend of the elder one wasn't beyond reach.

Once the elder had diversified, partially, she hasn't lost total hope, the younger started her alienating effort, by creating more distance, and finally succeeded through series of manipulations
and lies. 

The elder sister had the actual Nutan's affliction, almost, she had Liver TB and died of it. Not of broken heart or pregnancy related as the younger one told the Professor. But she had made the
professor so angry by then that he never bothered even to confront his ex-girlfriend and find the truth. She wanted (As SG said) to have the sister's play thing at any cost.

Another interesting aspect (though it may be just a bit of ego) ... most of these great films, especially the complex human relations, with the human and especially girl oriented, the story was
invariably from Bengal, and in most of the cases the Director were too (Bimal Roy, Asit Sen, Hrishikesh Mukherjee...). In fact if one looks while those ruled the screen, you had more socially
meaningful movies. But obviously non-selling, the glamour and other quotients were less, as was the speed. So the gold won over the golden.

Now also you can see the main women centric movies (Kahani etc) are from that area. 

In fact when I look back, I recall there are so many similar complex stories, which could be made into flop movies (no sex, no one vs hundred fight,....) and hence aren't being made. 

Another thing I observed, I don't know it is my coloured glass or not, Nutan looked far more beautiful in B&W, in the same age, looking at SAudagar and Grahan, both are 1972-73, she looks far
beautiful and younger in Grahan. But that might have to do with the role. In Grahan she is youngish wife of an old man. In Saudagar, she has to essay the role of middle aged woman, and a younger

Of course on second thought, it also has a lot to do with the make-up. In Bandini she looks much much younger than the same year release Tere Ghar ke saamne. 

Or in Basant, in the whole first half she looks a kid, but in Anari, a couple of year earlier, she has genearlly a bit older, more mature look. 

Of course she had the capability of essaying the age. 



Thanks a lot for this long description of the scenario! It does make one want to see this film... But you say it's only available on a TV recording, right?


That's Ok, I was surprised. Since ahd the thing been available, at least some one should have uploaded the video, not those bland stills only videos.

Especially that superb Heman and Nutan one,

Lehron pe lahar ulfat hai jawan...

(Wave onto waves... the love is young...

In fact the person to have it must be Tanuja (it was her defact first semi adult movie, after the Hamari beti... where she has been in single digit age) Though the heroine in this movie was

By the way, the movie Grahan (= Eclipse or acceptance... both the names fit in the story) is without subtitles, at least the version I have. I can give my own commentary of course but that won't
make you enjoy it.

The brief synopsis is there is an eminent scientist (botany) who was very respected professor. One of his student has joined in this research center (in a forest). Nutan is the middle age
professor's young wife. She did look quite lovely young in fact up to 80s (Main Tulsi tere Aangan Ki). I think she really aged due to the disease, since if you see her last few movies, you would
see the difference in say 86-87 movies, where she was still charming, would have, with a proper make-up, essayed a role of around 35-40. Around 89-90 she suddenly aged to a look of
60-70. The only thing I can put it on is the disease. It must have been gnawing her much before it was identified.

Well, the student has married, and was on the way to bring his bride to this god forsaken place. The house hold works, preparation for the brides arrival, as well as the dinner, of course was
arranged by Nutan.

Obviously it puts a bit of doubt on the bride's mind. And at least for us, she was much lovelier than the bride, who was even impartially, relatively plain looking.

But the shock is when the professor/scientist (Subhash Ghai... now a big director, but in this movie, not directed by him, he was main protagonist).

It was clear that the bride knew the professor and hated him. She later confides that the professor was in love with her elder sister. But he ditched her after she became sick and finally died
partially of sickness and partially of broken heart. What was the disease, the sister didn't know.

Of course the husband confides this to Nutan (and no, there was nothing between them, since towards end, he calls her by Didi= elder sister... though the bride till end suspects, and the husband
doesn't clarify)

Nutan goes in deep depression. Clear to the professor. So he goes and confronts the girl and tells her in clear terms, that she was, in her hate, spoling her, her husbands as well as Nutan's
life. And now he can't take it further and make a clean breast of it to Nutan.

The girl was a bit shocked, and tried to indirectly dissuade. But the professor was firm, and offerred to relocate their family (through transfer to another station).

By the way, it wasn't mentioned in words, but there was a hint that they were a bit of estranged couple, might not be de-facto sharing the bed, and quite often even sleeping separately. There was
a strong guilt complex in the professor (for what he had done) and was unable to forgive himself.

In the evening, after dinenr, sitting on the lawn, he confides every thing to Nutan. In fact if you look, he was partially at fault, not totally, but he takes the whole blame on himself (after
all I was a mature man, 30-32, where as she was young... around 16-17). And there is the turn in event. It wasn't the older sister ... but this girl, who had a relation with him. Though it was
quite complex mathematics. The affair did start with the elder sister (who was by the way his student), who ditched him, and this girl, practically seduced him with some lies. His guilt was
because the girl was young and immature. He should have investigated/guessed.

In the end, they finally get emotionally attached (i.e. the acceptance) and also the eclipse had passed off from their life. Which Grahan the writer meant I don't know.

By the way, Nutan too ahd some skeleton in cupboard (puppy love with her professor) and that had been the factor, both that the complexes, unable to bring out.

(The copy I have is from DD ... Indian state owned TV Channel) so automatically the copy is available with them. As is another award winning Kasturi (which I couldn't trace/get, but it too was
shown a few years back in DD). In fact these, most likely they would have the subtitled version too. But getting them (they are, like all state owned companies, not businesspersons) and getting
these out of them would be very tough. (I tried, through letter/ mails, but as usual no response). In fact they could have a very big inventory of movies, just to keep in cold


Thanks very much for your detailed synopsis of Grahan, it sounds quite an interesting film. Naturally though one would need to watch it in order to appreciate the actors' acting
and the movie's rhythm, etc. I like Subhash Ghai, so this certainly would have interested me!

Yes, I suppose DD keeps movies which at the time they were made it had bought from producers, and until no DVD company asks them to buy the rights in order to make a DVD project, they just keep
the copies they have.


I would love to have the DVD of chhabili.

From where could you manage? Amazon whether India or.com does not even list it. I wrote to all the suppliers but none have it. Youtube doesn't have the songs on video. I was sure the movie was

Grahan I could get from a friend who had recorded from the TV, the picture quality isn't too good. But is OK.

At the moment I am a bit mobile. And unfortunately the airport doesn't hae charging point for laptop. So I would gie some sort of story line of Grahan.

Meanwhile please provide me the way i can get Chhabili (and may be I could get a few more, thataren't much appreciated here, as I said with no one to market) except fellows like
me, who is trying to convert a few.




Sorry, mistake! I was thinking of Chhalia, not Chhabili, which I don't have: silly of me not to have checked! After a quick search here and there, it does seem indeed that it's absent from the
main online shops...

Kind regards


It is interesting to see at the title of this blog and to realise the truth in the name. in fact I had been googling the thing through which i could land up here.  Another one.
Bollywooddeewana is silent for two years.

Where are the Nutan fans? None of the old timers seem to have time to devote. And unlike tarun bose's daughter and Guru dutt's son (alas he too died a short while back), the Nutan's legacy
doesn't seem to be kept alive by his family.

We do undeerstand her relationship with her next sister and the family. Though  who despite all, should have attempted to keep her memories alive. They are in a better situation to do it.
But even more unfortunately her son and other brother/sister with whom she was supposed to have a cordial relation should have attempted this.

may be the current (fast paced) generation won't have thronged the cinema halls, but still it would have been an attempt to bring back the glorious days and remember the greatest actor ever in
bollywood. Even if i consider the other woods too, i would consider her in the the creme de la creme.  i hope, it is only two years from now that we lost her 25 years back. They wake up and
give her a fitting tribute. She did deserve much more than this.

Going to another subject,

Interestingly, I have a DVD of Sujata, which has some gaps. When I just per chance was watching the youtube of Sujata, I was surprised to see the gaps were not there (the youtube version, up
loaded by the same company having the marketing rights) were at least 20-25 minutes longer.

The first meeting of Nutan and Sunil Dutt was not there in DVD version.

In that there was quite a amusing dialogue by Shashikala.

When she arrives behind Nutan (They were racing) and finds that Nutan is standing in an embarrassed posture and Sunil Dutt is staring at her,

Shashi kala asks "You?"

Sunil replies "I am Adheer" ...

(Adheer translates to impatient but it is more of through desparation, longing)

ShashiKala says with a meaningful glance "That I can see, but what is your name"

(I don't know whether the subtitles could bring out the sense)

Similarly the episode where the foster mother sends Nutan back, and asks her that the tea should be made and brought by the servant, not her is trimmed from the DVD. i hope out there you get the
better copies.

And it is not a sale strategy. i contacted the company, offerring to buy the youtube version, but they refused.

I wonder sometimes, why they don't stamp (as the do in books) complete and unabridged. or at least contains XXX minutes of total YYY minutes of original.




Hello S. Basu,

Thanks for your message. Yes, I know of Bollywoodeewana being silent, but well, perhaps he'll wake up one of these days. I myself do not post much at present, because I'm busy in other fields,
and I long to come back on the blog. It'll have to wait unfortunately some extra time!

I'll have to go back to my DVD of Sujata and check what you say, because it's most intriguing. It's not the first time, though, that I've heard about such discrepancies betwen versions, and this
isn't particular to Indian cinema. Thanks anyway for mentioning the fact. You know, don't you, that many movies have what today we call 'bonus scenes" which were scenes shot and then abandoned in
the final cut, owing to some constraints from producers or even the film-maker himself, who, finalizing the editing, didn't want to include pieces of the original design that were first chosen by


Just could manage and see one rare movies of Nutan. An off beat movie and hence of course an box-office disaster.

It was a 1972 Movie "Grahan"

It migh mean taking (acceptance) as well as Eclipse.

And from the story it could have meant either.

As usual, though here she was not the central protagonist. In fact there were three of them, one being currently reputed director (Subhash Ghai) who played Nutan's husband and then another woman
too was there. That was not a well known mainstream actress.

But Nutan, even in that role, was as usual charming. Though she was in the peak of her career then just 36. Unfortunately the peak was blighted by the movie genre of that time.

In fact i am desparately searching for another one kasturi (around 1980), only one small clip is available in youtube, with the son of her regular ex-hero (Parikshit Sahni... not even a small
chip of balraj Sahni.... though senior Sahni, i consider, used to be a bit not natural actor, more of the thetrical genre, if you understand what I mean), which unfortunately totally contrasted
with the natural, living the character, style of nutan.

This movie too seems to be missing, like the chhabili, Soorat Aur Seerat (both these too with significance, the first has some lovely songs sung by Nutan and the second was directed by her
husband, the only one he did, and as net , was crtically acclaimed, a good movie, but bombed in box.

Unfortunately that is a common story in Bollywood. Some rare ones, like bandini, Mother India, etc being the exceptions.


Thanks for this piece of advice: where have you seen this movie? I don't suppose it was subtitled, rarer movies of this kind often aren't.

What do you mean by "this movie too seems missing"? On the net? In DVD format? I have been able to order and watch Chhabili, at least. I you want me to send it to you, let me know.



I am luckier than you in this matter, though my mother tongue is not Hindi, but, like most of the indians I am well versed in it, additianally having been traversed across it.

When one knows the language and then looks at the subtitles, (even I have seen in book translations), one loses the flavour. 

Just look at the sonk in Basant (one of the favourite ones, you have to look at the grace with which Nutan moves in the song) 

The work means it is "The the story of last/previous evening" I don't know what is in subtitle, since I hav the original VCD without the subtiles.

What I interpret it would be 'That was last evening', things has gone far beyond that, (alas for you, i.e. the hero, now you are no more the probable darling that you could have been). This
really can't be translated in the small place that existed for the subtitle.

I have the second (in fact third movie) Hum Log the first being Nala Damayanti (1945- child artist), the second Hamari Beti (still child, but not in the role of child). Hum log too is 1951, means
still a child heroine and considering she was 15 only, and when it was shot she would have been just 14+ !

There too in some scenes (though relatively few ones) I could see her lighting up the screen, which at a later stage would never leave the screen whenever she would be in it.

This movie is not in your review list, as are the Laila Majnu-1953 (must be the first of this series because the net doesn't mention of any earlier one), In this movie, she had physically too
crossed the child age and her grace is already in place.  Heer, another tragic love story, a la Romio Juliet... 1956 also are not in your list. Shabab though is the same story line.

After watching Humlog, I wanted the other VCD's in trying to find her evolution from the uncut diamond (there were a few occassional sparkles as I said earlier even here) to the Kohinoor- the
crown diamond of Bollywood.

Watching her master pieces I feel miserable, that after Bandini, she could never get a director of that caliber who could exploit her. Except the box-office dud Saudagar, which did to atheast
some extent, Saraswatichandrs etc.

There has been a lot of discussion obout her character portrayal in even Saraswatichandrsa ... but what I understand is that the type of character that has been allocated and the sequences are by
the writers and directors. How the actors perform within that bounds is what makes them extraordinary.

Despite the highly traditional character - the then Indian Society and the movie goers won't have withstood the widow remarriage- portrayed by Nutan in the SC. One could understand her
inner turmoil in the song

'Sacrificing the world for one person is not justified/proper/correct for anyone. 


This she sings not only for hero, I consider it to be a monologue, saying to herself too.

The heroes (again by character) had been made wimpy. Why couldn't the hero of SC, the love that he had for her, waited and won her over? The families were willing, and a time of love and devotion
would have been required?

Sujata... well aware or may be not, the hero says some inane statements and 'Then i am leaving forever, I won't show your face to you again'

I would have expected him to be a more understanding (considering he is much more mature. Double MA in the movie? Whereas Sujata is only just nubile, even in the movie?

Her sister, Shashikala, who could have been about the same age or a year younger, in the kovie, as per the first scenes when both are shown, was in Graduation final year (after which she could be

The maturity shown by the actors, through the restrained acting, was more of what one would bhave expected from the Hero.

Yes, I won't marry your sister is OK, I would forever remain single, like you, till everyone consents, but that doesn't mean I will leave you alone her., one would have expected from him. But
neither that part (which was anyway by director/story writer's prerogative) existed, nor the inner turmoil feeling could be expressed by one of the finer actors, Sunil Dutt.

Compare the scene where she says in the green house' Please don't say it, I won't be able to bear it' or when she asks him to go and stands her face pressed to the grill. She knows she can't have
him, nor can leave him. Which actor could have expressed this with so little words and melodrame, only few muscles on face and tears?

The tired walk on the stairs (before the telephone song), The last farewell (which though wasn't last) again brings out her turmoil, when she tries to convince her sister to marry Sunil. 

I think one can write a full novel on Sujata and Nutan. So I would better stop.

Only an interesting observation, while doing my own research on Nutan, I came acrsoo an intersting observation of her mother, another great of the industry, Late Shobhana Samarth.

Tanuja was more natural actress, whereas Nutan was trained to be (or something that is of this meaning)

It is a strange statement to be given by anyone who is as experienced as she, leaving alone she is the mother, or may be since she was, and always some partiality exists (even when I try to be
equal, even the even in me it does)

Tanuja was a fine actress, I accept. But in natural acting, no amount of training could have brought out the way Nutan swallows her tears during that Telephone song, did anyone observe her
throat? the way her hands shake, the muscles twitch at a later tele-call from Sunil accusing her of selling herself for money. This is when one is in the role, and not through training. I believe
her tears weren't glycerine the, it was from her heart, and when I see, (the romantic I am, even at my age) it brings in tears in my eyes. In fact I have seen umpteenth selected scenes in the
movies... easy in computers to go to the selected time!

I don't deprecate Tanuja, but unforrtunately for her, Nutan was far far ahead of any one else. Addtionally there was one more fundamental difference.

Tanuja was much more beautiful than Nutan, at least in my eyes. But her was more of dazzling, sexy kind of beuty. Nutan, considered plain, was a diva (which is divine isn't it) beauty. One can't
explain why she is beautiful, it is her smiles, her bright and expressive eyes? I can't explain it, but she gives a calming soothing effect to the eyes (of course some times they do burn, with

No one in your forum has the lost films of Nutan? In you tupbe, there sis asmall clip of Shikwa, where she is paired opposite Dilip Kumar. Of course I never liked him, he tends to over act, and
that is even more prominent in this clip, against the restrained Nutan, and this is 1954! 

I really regret what the world mised due to the flooding of the family dramas in Hindi movies post 1965. There was awhole cultaral difference, the tear jerkers were for the
common mass, not for the erudite. Even in these there were the occasional ones.



Well! You certainly like to write about Nutan! I'm pleased to have read all your thoughts and ideas! Yes there are still films which I haven't seen but some I have seen I haven't reviewed because
I felt there wasn't much to say. One or two of her later movies I found quite bad, and couldn't find the time or inspiration to go very far about them.

Unlike you, I don't wish / regret anything in movie characters, or rarely. I trust the film-maker, and the story. If there is something unusual in the character, then I ask myself what the
film-maker is trying to say, why he has chosen to do things the way he has chosen. A good example is Bandini's ending: lots of people rant and pester about how they were upset that
Kalyani doesn't go with the young doctor... This is useless blabber. What has to be considered is why she goes back to Bikash, and it's much more interesting (aesthetically speaking) that she
does that.

Also I think I can say that (even if I don't know Tanuja very much) that Nutan is as natural an actress as any other. Her training has only sharpened her instinctive talent. Crying on screen can
be part of training, but the way she does it, I agree, was just superb.

One last word about beauty: you're right, this quality isn't only on the surface, it's part of the feelings which reverberate on a somebody's face.

I'm sorry I can't say that anyone I know of mentioned those films which might have Nutan's lost roles. I know of Shikwa, but that's all.

Thanks again for visiting and sharing your thoughts!


As a die hard fan, may be you are my competitor, or no (since I am a single actresses fan... though who is about my mother's age, married in the same year 1959 as my mother and her son was born
in the same year as my elder sister 1961!)

Still as a fan I/we do not look at those. These boundaries are material. 

Despite her not being ranked #1, who of  the ones ranked #1 or #2 (interestingly both of them had a similar sort of appeal as Nutan, all are technically simple looking, unlike the other
glamourous actors. 

But onlike them, Nutan had a presence. Her one glance or a smile would fill the whole ambience with a soft moon light. On those moments she would be the most beautiful things on the world, and
that had transcended even through the eighties. That smile, those sootning glances do not age.

And another unlike, despite the heroes she had acted with, were big stars, Sunil, Dev, Kapoors, some how in scenes, it is she who was dominating. She may be one of the first actors to carry the
whole film on her shoulders (Seema)... Mother India was a bit junior... whereas Nargis at MI was all of 28, with 14 years of experience as lead artist, our Nutan was only 18 with only 4-5 years

The haunting looks in Seema, when she is shut in the solitary confinement first time... they stay in the mind. The childish pranks in Baarish, including making faces, despite the immature
execution, My foot, the Basant, all these movies weren't the hero's movie, except when Nutan was off screen.

Which heroine can make you wipe tears, with her, without any melodrama, as in the telephone song in Sujata? Just the restrained actions, the eyes (the mouth was covered up, in chewing her dress).
Another scene I love and interpret in my way is when her blood is being matched with her foster mother.

She comes in hesitant but firm in resolve. While the doctor is matching,the blood, one could feel that she is praying that it matches as well as she is scared it mightn't. See it once again and
you too would feel it. Definitely no director can ask the actors to act like that. The relief and happiness when it was declared that it matched!

Get me one who could do it (Even at a not so young age... she was 22 or 23?).  Bandini also is a classic, and also her movie like Seema and Sujata. The heroes were eye candy in these movies.

Each of the movies had something to endear her more to me. 

Now for something selfish, any of the other fans of the diva has any source for her miserably flop movies (of her young age?). Except a few it seems nothing has been digitised. I wonder





Dear S. Basu,

Thanks very much for your messages, which I can see are indeed those of a fan! Mostly I agree with you in the choice of scenes you mention, and in the praise you lift up to her. Please visit the
blog, and especially the Nutan articles, you'll find
much to read as far as appreciation of Nutan's talent and grace, and please don't hesitate to leave your opinion, I'd love to hear you say what you feel on particular scenes of her movies.

You're right about the first movies which aren't accssible, I too have tried to get them, and have not been successful, and I have an additional difficulty, not understanding hindi well enough; I
really need the films to be subtitled to feel confortable.


There are a lot more than it is seen. But there is one here.

Though there are some who has ranked her as low as #3 in all time rank, (rediff) ranking Nargis and Smita patil higher, but one who has seen their respective movies and repertoires, would, think
twice. Though Intoday ranks her #1.

That answers the question of die hard fans.

To tell you the truth, I don't care who is n°1, n°2 or n°3... Nutan is for me beyond numbers, not that I'd say she acts better than any of the other classic actresses, because this is partly a
matter of taste, but simply because she's my favourite.


Hi, Yves! Could you change my "Nutan Week" link? I've changed my blog address! :)



OK? thanks, I'll do that!



Yves, I have read your blog before, but this is my first time commenting. Count me in as one of Nutan's fans! :) I wish I had read this post earlier. I was in India and would have indeed bought
the biography of Nutan's, while I was buying some other books on films.


Hello Anuradha,

Thanks for the enthusiastic comment and the (retrospective) offer: do you think one can actually get this biography? I'd love to be able to read it, but I think it's not been translated yet! Am I
right? This makes me think, I have to get down to business, and see + review some more of her filmography... But now I know that the more I see, the less I'll have left to see, and so I refrain
from rushing, hoping to continue living with the idea that there will still be Nutan films to see in the future!!


hi yves

yesterday was your favourite actress Nutan's birthday!

Since I like Nutan a lot as well, thought I would post a list of my fav 10 Nutan songs.

Thanks for the tip of her biography 'Asin me, nasin me'. I will look it up in Bombay.


Hi Harvey,

Thanks for your message!

Hm, I was never a great one for celebrations, but as long as it gives me an opportunity of celebrating Nutan's reign, I'm pleased. I'm very busy this period, and have not posted for a long time.
I am pursuing a master's degree in philosophy, and it's right in the middle of exams and the writing of my dissertation, which has nothing to do with Indian cinema, so...

All the best


Hi Yves - great article. I am a huge Nutan fan and had even created a website on her during my youth. Unfortunately the site was lost when I moved internet providers. Luckily I still have it on my
PC so will get it uploaded again soon. This site has inspired me to do that. Many Thanks


Hello Jamal,

Thanks for visiting! You must have noticed that I'm a Nutan fan as well! Please let me know when your site is up again: I'll definitely pay you more than a visit!

Many thanks to you too!



I'm sure there are lots out there, i'm a fan too, though i have to say i'm yet to explore a lot of her classical stuff. Here's an article i posted on her on my blog which i think you might
like/find interesting




Bollywooddeewana, I've left a word of thanks on your blog, but I just wanted to say how pleased I am that you directed me to some Nutan information.

I'm not as sure as you about the number of Nutan fans, though: or perhaps there are many (those fans who asked Nutan to autograph their Rs 1000 notes!) but they don't express their appreciation
in such ways for me to read about it!



Hi Yves,

This post is so detailed and insightful regarding our favourite actor. Thanks for your appreciation on my write-ups. And ya, I was going through your Dilli ka Thug post. I have been evading that
film because somehow, I have never been able to brook Kishore Kumar in an actor's (read hero) garb (I think he is a buffoon). But the pictures of Nutan have convinced me that I must give the
film a try??? What is your take on the film?


Hello Sharmi,

Well, if you've read what I've written on DKT, you've pretty much got what I liked about it. I know what you feel about Kishore Kumar; I 'd seen him in Chalti ka naam gaadi; but here, even if
he's still a clown, he's got those moments of gentleness and seriousness which I thought make him very touching. The film for me was my first Nutan film, so it's difficult to be quite impartial
about it! Anyway, if you like Nutan, just SEE IT!!


PS: did you get to read the write-ups on the other Nutan movies? Don't hesitate to give me your point of view, I'd love to hear it.